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  • Your area is so beautiful Augusto!! I would love to see it someday.

    My Spanish sad. Though I have many Spanish speaking friends who I am sure will get me speaking down the road. I am a better reader than speaker in Spanish. I am a better speaker than reader in Polish. It's funny that way.

    I have not read Machado de Assis. Any favorite titles?

    I hope you are having a great week! Many smiles, joy and peace to you!

  • Actually, i don't have much to say about myself.Uhm....I'm a student. My major is finance and banking. I'm very young. I like romantic drama, doing shoping, listenning to music and walking alon at night. I want to practice English with more people; therefore, i paticipated in this club. In real life, I 'm alittle bit shy. Nice to know you and befriend with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))
  • Hi Augusto,

    It's a pleasure to hear about you. I am a business women actually. I enjoy teaching and helping others :)

    I love movies too. I have seen some great ones lately ~ Slumdog Millionaire, Fast and Furious (new one), Australia, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Seven Pounds, Marley and Me. I have not seen Shangai Kiss. I will seek it out.

    I have a fondness for all music. I especially enjoy classical and rock.

    I am reading three books at the moment ~ The Witch of Portabello by Paulo Coelho, Furies of Calderon: Codex Alera by Jim Butcher, and lastly Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman. I have enjoyed Hemingway but this was many years ago.

    I live in a town in Ohio. It's pretty ~ that's the link to some pictures.

    Sadly I don't speak Spanish. I can understand a little but I need a ton of practice. I took Spanish in Middle thru High School.

    I am glad to connect with you and will check out your town. Please share with me your adventures. What do you like to do?

    Success and Smiles to You!
  • hi. you just befriend with me if i am smart and funny? If not, what happen? Anyway, nice to know you. I'm a student, very like English and want to improve it.
  • Ciao Augusto! ^^ welcome to EC and hope you can make lots of friends.

    what a wonderful page, it really gives a warm and friendly feeling, like the summer sun!

    So sorry that I can't write more since it is already 2AM and I have been up since early morning, can't keep my eyes open any more! :-s thanks so much for the lovely comment and wish you have a super great day! *gives him a bear hug*
  • Hi Augusto,

    I welcome your friendship Augusto. About me: I enjoy the outdoors and adventure. I like movies, music and the arts. I like being involved in activities that help people. I have been known to be book smart and do well at the University. I am in business and work in the pharmacy industry where I manage lots and lots of people.

    I am willing to help you improve your English.

    So what books, movies, and music do you like?

    With Kindness,
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