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Special things from my virtual MyEc Mom

It's real that a friendship can come something special feeling. The first time, I joined here I felt not sure that What I will get from here, because many guys in here. But it's not like what I imagine. I have got many good friends, Part of them, I suppose as brother or sister. And One person is very special,she is Mitran. Yeah, It sounds like strange name. She is very good friend and I call her as Mom. Actually, I so far with my real mom, so I such get second mom, I called it as Virtual Mom.

I got something from my virtual Mom. I love it all, and what I make very proud to my mom is her's hand writting, these are very nice and till now, I still keep it on my study-desk. Btw, Thank you Mom. This, I have special and link song special for you:

my Beautiful Mother

© Mitran

My beautiful Mother
sweet as a flower
Never asks for anything
Always giving
Always smiling
Never frowning
Caring as a teacher
Never too busy to give advice
Always there by my side
Always helping
Never neglecting
Understanding as a counselor
Never gives up
Always does her best
Always shining
Never quitting

And this song:

This is some gifts from my Virtual Mom, Mitran

   Ok Mom, I hope you always healthy and can have many more children again from here. Lol.....

   Ohya, to my siblings Rajesh, Ha and Scarlet. Thanks for the friendship. I Miss and Love you all...:)

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The Lost Island Of Socrota

                    This blog have been written by my special friend (Ejaz) that had left me...:(

                   I hope he could come back and join with me and other friends here as soon.

Socrota Island is one of "The Lost Islands" (separated from the world six million years ago).

An island just off the horn of Africa and the coast of Yemen..  

The Somali Pirates ply these waters.

SOCOTRA ISLAND:  You have  to see it to believe it.  This island simply blows away any notion about what is considered "normal" for a landscape  on Earth.

Imagine waking up one  day on Socotra Island and taking a good look around you.  After a yelp of disbelief, you'd be inclined to think you were transported to  another planet - or travelled to another era of Earth's evolution.  The second would be closer to the truth for this island, which is  part of a group of 4 islands,
has been geographically isolated from  mainland Africa for the last 6 or 7 million years.  Like the  Galapagos Islands, this island is teeming with 700 extremely rare  species of flora and fauna, a full 1/3 of which are endemic; that is, found nowhere else on Earth.
The climate is harsh,  hot, and dry, and yet - the most amazing plant life thrives there.  Situated in the Indian Ocean 250 km (155 miles) east of Somalia and 340  km (212 miles) southeast of Yemen, the wide sandy beaches rise to  limestone plateaus full of caves (some 7 kilometres (4.4 miles in length) and mountains up
to 1525 meters high (5007  feet).
            The name “Socotra” is derived from a Sanskrit name meaning  "The Island of Bliss".  Is it   the beaches?
    The isolation  and quiet?  Or the strange and crazy botanical allure?  Alien-looking plants.  H. P. Lovecraft's    secret inspiration?   Was the famous Chtulhu myths creator aware of these  forbidding mountains with their     hauntingly weird flora?  (Think of plant mutations from his "The Colour out of Space")   We are almost tempted   to call Socotra the other "Mountains of Madness" - the trees and plants of this island were  preserved thru their   long geological isolation with some  varieties being 20 million years old.  We begin with the dracaena  cinnibaris or Dragon's Blood Tree, the source of valuable  resin for varnishes, dyes, and "cure-all" medicine; 
also (predictably) used in medieval ritual magic and alchemy.
The branches spread  out into the sky and from below appear to hover over the landscape like so  many flying saucers.  And from above they have a distinct  mushroom look.
There is also the Desert Rose (Adenium Obesium) which looks
like nothing so much as a blooming elephant leg.
There are still many pictures. I can't believe with that place. I think that place very Amazing, Amazing and Amazing! and Subkhanallah.....It makes me curious and wanna see it directly.

What do you think about it? Do you wanna to see it too? Or maybe anybody have ever visited it? Wow....Really Beautiful Place.

Thanks Ejaz have told me about Socrota Island. It makes me always happy....^.^

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The Meaning of Dreams......

Did you ever dreaming something? My life is full with dreaming and dreaming. Because with dreaming, we can get new soul and positive energy to reach or grape something or someone. I like to dream and I am a good dreamer.

When i was child,I always asked by my teacher,"when you grow up, what did you be come or the other word is what was your goal when you be teen" and my answer is, " i want to be a Doctor". Since child, I was write my dream in my Deary and remember it. That is always give me new soul and courage me to grape it and I always did everything to reach it.

My Dreaming every year is change, base on my purpose what i will do this year, i called it as Plan one year. Alhamdulilah, until now, i still consistant with my mind. Sometimes, when i cant reach my dreaming, or i have got failed for one weeks or 3 days my heart very very sad, and I felt why that it could happen. But no more times, we have to with dreaming again, and we could get up again and more spirit.

So, i think, Dreaming is Important in our living and We must have Dreams......

How about you?? Do you have a dreams like me?

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Story About My Country

Indonesia, yeah Indonesia....a country which is located right on the equator. That's mean Indonesia is full state a fertility, whatever you plant will grow. And Indonesia so beautiful, because consists of several Islands and have many cultures and mother languages.Jave, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Bali and etc. That is the names of any island. and as native indonesia, i really love and pride fro this country.

besides Indonesia have many problem, but it was made my country has own story.

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