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  • Geeee, it's you!! You're so heavy! Get off from me already. Bake neko!

    Oh no! Not that! It's Okairinasai Nekochan! Not boo boo uchi :P

    Yes I drew my avatar by my self. Although I meant to draw a male character.. It looks like female.. Well it's okay for me. I just won't define it's genre.. ;)

    So where have you been then, not coming here to see your old buddy.
    Were you in the MU all this time? No need to answer, I'm sure, that you were!
  • I haven't heard anything from you so long time.

    I hope you're okay. :)
  • PS. About Gift, that I gave you. I actually think, that neko mimi headband would fit well to you, but since they only had devil horns in store I got devil horns. So wear these and pretend, that they are neko mimi(cat ears) :P Or if you like devil hons then.. that's okay too.
  • Here is a gift for you!
  • Thanks, I like little spoiled girls.

    I'm still not a fan of manga. But I'm still watching Animes. Last ones I liked were K-on and Eden of East. Haven't seen the last Episode of eden Of East yet. But I think K-On ended too soon, I somewhat liked it.
  • I have forgot what series I did read. Something random. I didn't want to read something I have already seen as Anime.

    He-he I won't tell you what did I but into that cup. U can just guess, that I did predict that u will drink it and not just only that. Even all that big talk about manga was already just only a scam to seduce you.

  • Hi Anahita,

    Thank you. In fact, it’s my pleasure to meet you. Probably, we’ll never see each other, however, this contact by messages can help me to know more about your culture, and about you. Hey, how you can see, I put some photos of tours here in my town, I am new here, I came just 2 months ago, and I love here. This is a small town in South Mato Grosso do Sul State…Well, tell me about your city…By the way, I hope have not disburbed you. I don´t wanna make you be awake in the morning…You look like a busy person…What do you do? Hey,a great day for you,too..Best wishes…Hugs.

    Good bye!
  • Hi Anahita,

    I am new in english Club. So, I am looking for friends. You know, it´s wonderfull chat with everybody. Well, on this way, english can help us, because, its an international language. Hey, I can speak portuguese, spanish and english, and you? I´d like keep contact with somebody from Iran, to know better you country, can you help me...Hey, tell me about you. Kiss. Good bye!
  • Hi how are you. Anahitakun? I hope you're okay.

    I did try to read some manga on-line today, because u always threaten me that you will seduce me to read them. So I thought if I read some by my self, u can't seduce me. But I still got bored of reading it on halfway. ;-)
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