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  • Hi Amy (XJH)! How are you lately?! I see you have last visited in August! So, it's about time to pay a visit again! I am here today as I got the sad news that Tara is leaving and I wanted to read her last post. Checked my page again and noticed your last msg to me! I owe you a letter; it'll be on your PC soon! Have a great weekend! :)

  • Hi XJH! Wow, you fooled me with this username! I was under the impression that you were another Amy as I know quite a few of them! Today I visited for a change and then I discovered your msg from long ago! See, my email address I used to register on this website has closed and I can't use it any longer, but the website for some reason doesn't accept email address changes; so, I didn't received the notice from the website that I got a note from you - sorry! Hope you are well? I'm actually quite concerned that I do not hear from you any longer! Hope you'll let me know how you're doing these days! Pse use my email address or qq to tell me as I don't visit here regularly any longer (as our students struggle too much with the Internet to get on the website - we now use qq groups for the class homework). Have a good week! :)

  • Welcome to MyEc

  • Welcome Amy! Wow, I am so surprised that you joined! I appears to me you want to improve your language skills! Great! But, now it depends on you! Take your time and look around on the website and find all the things you can do to practice your language skills. And try to join some groups where you may meet new friends too, and get some practice it you take part in their activities (even if it is only writing and reading!). And ask when you need information - if I can't help, there are the EC moderators and Admin you can ask too! Enjoy! :)

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