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  • Hello Ajay, Jeetay Raho!I love it when you call me Bhaijaan.I do not think that my English is very good and you should not worry about your English.Your English is quite right.The minor mistakes that we make are common and can be neglected.
    Thank you very much for your kind response and ,a rather detailed , answer.The main purpose of my friendship with you is to gain knowledge and to learn more and more about You(And the people of India),your culture, your festivals and especially about the whole educational system of your country.
    It is strange for me that you joined the secondary school after your Matriculation.In Pakistan a student studies for five years in a primary school then he goes to a high school where he does his Matriculation,After Matriculation, he joins a college for Intermediate Examination(It is called F.A. or F.Sc.).After Intermediate, he passes B.A or B.Sc. in a degree college.He then approaches to his M.A. or M.Sc.This last part of study is offered in Universities however most degree colleges also offer Master Programs.
    I think it is enough for today.I do not want to cause boredom for you.Next time I shall ask some more questions until then Khuda Hafiz.Regards
  • Bhaijaan, I like Ghalib's verse and i didn't mind but i liked very much.

    The main reason of replying late beside me because i am not good in English so i am not able to describe, how to reply you?

    After 10th class, when any student go for secondary schools. he have meet three stream:- 1>Arts, 2>Commerce and 3>Science subject. So its student depend whats subject he choosed.

    arts, commerce and science have total five subject.
    Bhaijaan i have no knowledge much more about Arts and Commerce because i was science student in secondary school.

    so i am describing you about science subject. in science compulsory subjects are: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
    and rest two subject is elective they are: English, Hindi, Urdu and may be according to regional state

    And Thank You Bhaijaan For Wishing me, my health.
    i wish you are also very healthy.

    KhudaHafiz and please forgive me for my wrong words and wrong sentence. and i have seen your english is very nice so please tell me wherever i used wrong words and wrong sentence.
    Thank You. Bhaijaan
  • Thanks Ajay for providing useful information.
    By the way have you mind the verse of Ghalib?It was just an expression of a lover who is tired of waiting of his beloved one.As you are a Dehlavi I hope that you can enjoy Urdu Poetry.Wishing for your best health
  • Dear Amjad,

    here private schools are generally teach in english medium
    they are recognised by CBSE and government school have hindi medium. in government school have elective subject are sanskrit,urdu,english. private school is better than government school
  • Thanks Ajay for response!
    I shall be waiting anxiously.Regards
  • Bhaijaan i'll reply you as quickly .
  • Hi Janat!
    Thanks for you response.It is OK.Would you like to tell me a little more about you.?About your education, profession interests and future plans etc.
    I would like to ask you about the Dead Sea.Thanks
  • hi Amjad
    thanx alot for your comment on my photo
  • i work in Social Welfare Ministry.very pleasant to know about you,indeed teacher job is very respectful job.what we are this all is because of our respected teachers.
  • Dear Amjad,
    I am Muhammad Usman Malik from Sargodha district.I have master degree in Political Science from University of Sargdoha.Currently working in a federal ministry, Islamabad.I am very much interested in book reading and internet surfing.I would like to know about you.
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