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Love in France is a comedy ; in England a tragedy ; in Italy an opera ; and in Germany a melodrama .

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I'm sorry , madam , but i shall have to charge you ten dollars for pulling your boy's tooth .

Ten dollars! why , i understood you to say that you charged only two dollars for such work .Yes , replied the dentist , but this youngster yelled so terribly

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One of Harry 's feet was bigger than the other ."I can never find boots and shoes for my feet ", he said to his friend Dick .
' Why don't you go to a shoemaker ? Dick said . "A good one can make you the right shoes ."
' I 've never been to a shoemake

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Mrs Jones did not have a husband ,but she had tow sons .They were

big ,strong boys ,but they were lazy .On saturdays they did not go to

school ,and then thire mother always said ,"please cut the grass in the

garden this afternoon ,boys ."the boys did no

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