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Culture shock

1. Have you ever traveled abroad ? where did you go and for how long ?

2. What sorts of things would you miss if you lived abroad?


We can discribe culture shock as the physical and emotional discomfort a person suffers when coming to live in a place different from the place of origin (source) .Often , the way that we lived before is not accepted or considered as normal in the new place .

Everything is different , for example , not speaking the language , not knowing how to use banking machines , not knowing how to use the telephone , and so forth.

What do you think about this important title which is nowadays we are trying to adapt to a new culture that is very different from the home culture .

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Discuss the question


1. Which of the people in your family do you think are good_looking ?

why do you think so ?


2. Which physical traits are considered beautiful in your country ?


3. Why is male beauty recently becoming so popular ?


First i wanna discuss about 3 question  , the definition of masculinity may be changing .As gender roles are changing , men are less afraid to care about their looks . So they are spending more time and money on style and grooming . furthermore , consumerism is thriving and statistics show strong economies are extra cash in their looks and clothes .

The media are also playing a large role in popularizing the male beauty trend while profiting from it too . Recently , there has been a growing selection of health and beauty magazines which are aimed at men . additionally , TV shows which offer makeover advice and style tips are now popular with both men and women . famous media figures , such as David Beckham is not only well-known for his soccer skills but also for his cool hairstyles, sarongs , and nail polish ....

 anyway , What do women think about this boom in male beauty ?

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Although most people try to avoid it , stress is not a completely negative thing . just think without stress at work , many people might not get anything done !
Driving in traffic creates stress , but this stress triggers quick reactions and helps us to avoid accidents.
Do you have a healthy lifestyle ?what things do you do regularly to keep yourself healthy ?
What do you do to manage your stress ?
Stress only becomes a problem when we are overstress –when the pressure we feel is greater than our ability to cope with it . the feeling of being overwhelmed by stress often occurs when several stresses combine . overstress can also result from major stresses , such as losing loved one or being in disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane .

Now there are three key things that can help you to deal with stress more effectively . listening to your body ; developing a repertoire of coping strategies ;and keeping balance in your life .

What are some of the things in your daily life that cause stress ?
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MAGICAL CITY My story is about a Magical city in which there was an old lady . the forbidden city was very frightening , dangours . the poor widow lived in a little cottage with her only daughter ,she really liked her daugher . but she didn't like her daugher to marry anybody . the girl was very vexed for her mother , oneday a young man was going to this city ,suddenly he saw the girl (beautiful) behined the window into construction . he courted her , he was a very persevering boy and he knew that the way to succeed in anything is just to be kindhearted and affectionate . anyway he could change her mother's behavior , therefore could marry . THE END
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If it please God,let less happen.Even out Earth'srondure, flattenEiger, blandenthe Grand Canyon.Make valleysslightly higher,widen fissuresto arable land,remand yourterrible glaciersand silencetheir calving,halving or doublingall geographical featurestoward the mean.Unlean against our hearts.Withdraw your grandeurfrom these parts."

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Harry and Bob were neighbours ,and they worked in the same bank.They were young and they often went out together .then the banksent both of them to a new town .They did not know any other peoplethere , so on the first Saturday , Bob said to Harry ,"There 's adance at the Bridge Hotel this evening .Let's go there .perhapswe'll meet some nice girls ."Harry answered , 'All right ,' and they went to the dance together .They danced several times with the girls there ,and then Harry wentto Bob and pointed to one girl .'she's a nasty one ,' he said angrily . 'dont talk to her .'Bob was surprised .why ? what happened ? he asked his friend .Harry answered , 'she said to me ,"do you dance ?Bob laughed and said , ' But that isn't a messy thing to say !"she said it while I was dancing with her , " Harry answered angrily .
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NOTICEMr Reece was a farmer . He and his wife grew alot thingsand they had a few cows .They worked very hard .One day , Mr Reece said to his wife , 'Let's go to Portsmouthnext sunday .we can have a good lunch there , and thenwe can go to the cinema.His wife was very happy when she heard this ,because sheand her husband always ate a lot , and she did not likecooking three times a day every day .they went to Portsmouth by train and walked about foran hour . Then ,when it was 12 o'clock , they wanted tohave a delicious meal . they looked at severalrestaurants . In on of them there was a notice outside :''Lunch :12 .30 to 2 .30 : $50 .'''' well , that's fantastic , Mrs Reece said .''we can eatfor two hours for $1 .50 here ! this is suitable place for us .''A Which of these sentences are true (T) and which arefals (F) ?1 . Mr and Mrs Reece lived in a city .2 . They worked very rigid .3. they always ate a lot .4 . Mrs Reece enioyed cooking every day .5 . They walked about in Portsmouth for two hours .6. Mrs Reece did not often eat in restaurants .
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STARRY NIGHT (companion)

If the sky could speak ,it might tell us 'PAY ATTENTION'

that usully good advice ,but it's especially valuable when it

comes to the HEAVENS .the sky reminds us that things are not always as they seem .

it wasn't too long ago that we humans believed Earth was the center of it all ;that when we

saw the sun and stars parade across the sky we were witnessing the universe revolving

around us .BEST of all ,you'll enrich your experience of the wonders above our heads .

By the way the sky is there for us to enjoy and that enjoyment is only increased when

we understand wath we are seeing !!!! when we stand under a dome of stars .

what are you mind about tremendously the sky dear friends EC ? I recommend that you install stary night to visit www.

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dear God ,I thank you for this day of eyes to see the sky

of life

For ears to hear the birds

For feet to walk among the trees

For hands to pick the flowers from the earth

For a sense of smell to breathe in the sweet perfumes of nature

For a mind to think about and appreciate the magic of everyday miracles


in the end for a spirit to be with joy at your mighty presense everywhere.

may God bless you



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DID YOU KNOW THAT...?did you know that those who appear to be very strong in heart are really weak and most impressionable?did you know that those who spend their time protecting others are the ones that really need someone to protect them ?did you know that if you ask for something in faith your wishes are granted ?did you know that when you help someone;the help is returned in tow folds ?

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