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Online Classes

Hello EC world :) 

Tomorrow it will be exactly 3 years since I am a member here :) 

I've become a teacher and worked with many great students during this time. I've had awesome time in group calls on Skype :) 

Now I am offering group classes but for a low fee since it's my only work that I am doing. 

If you are interested - you're welcome to join .. I'm planning to begin by the end of July or beginning of August. 

Online Group classes use this link too find out how to join.


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Happy New Year Friends at EC

It has been a very long time since I posted anything here :) 

Wish you all a very Happy New year and may all your wishes come true

When I was walking through my city I saw so many decorated trees and decorations 

I like so much this tree decorated with little dolls and toys 

Here is one of them :) 

I kept going around and enjoying the view :) 

I hope you all will enjoy your life as I enjoyed those toys in tree :) 

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When I Play With My Camera

Hello EC friends :) Long time since I wrote something here :) Today I was playing with my camera and want to share some pictures :) 

With my youngest daughter :) Hard to believe that she is almost 4 years old :) 

Yes this is me ;) Feeling good and happy :) 

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The End Of The Summer

Yeah that's it. The Summer is coming to the end! The Autumn is coming in .. with rainy days and winds blowing stronger. With leafs coloring and birds flying to warmer places. Not long till the first snow will fall down. 

When I wake up in morning I can feel that it's getting colder, mornings get darker and nights are longer. Why the Summer goes so fast? Why is it so short? 

Let's bring the sun in our hearts and keep it warm through the cold and rainy days 

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Hi everyone! 

Today I had another amazing day :) 

Sunflower was moving in the wind ;) It took me 3 times to make this picture :) 

When I just entered the garden I couldn't stop looking around! So many kinds and forms of flowers :) And those wonderful colors :) 

And plenty of bees ... The biggest bee that I have ever seen :) 

Here is the link to my album on Facebook ... 

Botanic Garden

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National Botanic Garden

Hello there :) Long time since I wrote anything here :) 

So now I am here and writing! 

Recently I visited National Botanic Garden ;) For big surprise it was pretty close to my home. 

And my eyes were so excited to see all the plants and flowers, and all those wonderful colors. 

And for my luck it was very nice and sunny day to enjoy :) 

These are just few pictures :) But I hope You enjoy :) 

Best wishes to everyone 

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Mother's Day

Hi :) In many countries tomorrow 12th of May will be Mother's day :) I want to congratulate all Moms here and share some moments of Mother's Day even in kindergarten 

My oldest daughter Marta .. Just came in hall and starting to sing with others :) 

And my youngest daughter Estere with few of her group mates :) 

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Hi guys :) After a long time of silence I am coming back with new blog. This is about Practicing/ Teaching Online!! 

Here are few things You can do - read blogs like this, listen to songs in English, talk with other people online! 

Reading blogs

Here we can find many useful blogs. All we need to do is to find blog according to our likes! It's better to read about things we really like. 

Listen to songs 

Find songs with lyrics and sing along :) That was how I learned pronunciation. 

Talking to others online

One option is to chat here in main room or privately with any of users!

Another option is to join groups of people that have common interests and talk about them.

I have created such group here International English Learning. There people can join and meet at Skype to practice their English. 

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Last Day Of The Year

12 hours left until the end of this year! I am sitting here and thinking :) Such a great time I have spent here so far and I believe there will be more :) 

During these 6 Month of membership I have made so many new friends and I want to give thanks to every single of You. Wishing You all the best for the next year and wishing that our friendships would grow stronger :) 

During this time I have discovered how many good things I can do with my knowledge - discovered my self in new skills :) And I truly hope I will do my best to develop my skills and share my knowledge :) 

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Plans for A New Year

Hi guys :) 

This is not about celebrating new year :) It's about Free Online Classes via Skype :) 

Hopefully Next Saturday and maybe Sunday I will have Free Online Classes on contactocostarica iel_aija !! This will be a class in a small group up to 4 people and 1-2 hours long ;) p.s.groups are now bigger than 4 people .. 

Best wishes and Happy New Year everyone and see you after Holidays :) 

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Pride of Latvia

Tonight I'm watching program about people who are doing good things for others .. One of them "Fearless Child" .. It's a story about 18 years old girl taking care of 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Her father died when she was 12, but her mother was drinking and didn't care about children! Mother rights were taken away from her. So oldest girl chose to be a mother to her brothers and sisters instead of going to study and making career :) 

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Day Before Christmas

So many people around are getting ready for celebrating Christmas :) Schools had their parties and offices had their parties :) 

I hope everyone is enjoying this time, being with families and friends :) 

Here it's very cold today and will be cold tomorrow as well. So I have to keep warm and happy :) 

Cheers everyone and see You around 

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Hello guys :) First time I'm going to try to challenge myself in writing! 

So my first friend I want to introduce is Jeocanda. In chat we sometimes call her Jeo. Her native language is Arabic. She is from Egypt and her nationality is Egyptian. Thanks to her I created Coffee Club in MyEC and Skype. Yeah we both like coffee.

The next member I would like to tell about is Oleh (that is how his name is pronounced in Ukrainian). He lives in Ukraine and his nationality is Ukrainian. His native language is Ukrainian, but he also speaks Russian.

Another good friend I want to introduce is Rose. Her name comes from her full name Rosenti. Her native language is Indonesian and her nationality is Indonesian. 

And one more friend I want to tell you about is Raheel. His nationality is Pakistani and his native language is Urdu. But he also speaks Hindi and Punjabi.

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snowy greetings

Hi all :) How are You doing? I really hope You're all well and at good health :) 

Wanted to share some Snowy moments from my Country :) 

Here are trees with snow. Sun is shining and sky is clear.

This is school where my girls go every day :) We went home and it just started to snow :) I had my cam with me :)

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Memory - how it works?


  • What do you think is a memory? Fears, feelings it’s when we remember things FROM PAST.
  • What are the first things you remember from your childhood?
  • What makes memories to become long-term memories?
  •  What are the things that you remember just for a short time and what are the things that you remember for years?

These were some of the questions we were thinking about during a class with teacher Mark.

We were sharing some stories from our childhood that we remember. I’ll tell you my story

I was 5 years old. My mom was at work and my brother was with her. I was alone at home. The weather was warm and nice. And I decided that I could make a surprise to my mom and visit her at work. She was working in a farm and it was 5 kilometers away from home. As a child I had no idea how long it takes to go 5 km because when it was my turn to go with mom, we were driven by car and it seemed to be quickly. So why not go on my own. I only had to go straight along the way. As it was countryside there were no lights along the way. Half of my way I had to go into darkness. When I finally reached my mom’s work it was late night and she was finishing all the work. She was very surprised and confused when saw me standing in front of her. The last thing I remember I was scared and crying cause I could have left on the road alone if I didn’t reach my mom on time. She could pass me by and not see when going back home.

What would be your story? Most of the stories are about injuries, pain, accidents or some unusual things going on.

  • Now think and try to remember what were you doing one or two month ago? Can you remember? (Don’t look at the calendar, just use your memory!) Why?
  • And now think about yesterday. Can you remember what you were doing? And again why?

The reason we can’t remember anything from a month ago is that it was an ordinary day and nothing special was going on. The only things you might know are the ones you do every day – such as brushing teeth or walking your dog. There was nothing specific going on to remember that day.

From this we see that to become a long-term memory it should be something unusual, something that we need to remember and it something important.

How can we use these things to help to learn English better? 

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