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A Brief Look to History

Hello my freinds, I hope you are all fine ...I was surfing on internet and looking for some information , accidentaly I found myself  on a history site, The site was about of the Kings and Queens of Europa ,this site realy took my attention and went on to read it...But, please my friends, I didn't write those   informations from my own mind.. Of course , we cant write history but. we read and learn ,Please evaluate this article from this way...

Keiser WILHELM , also known as William II was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia.He reigned from 15 June 1888  until his abdication on 9 Nov.1918.He was born in Potsdam, near Berlin, Germany to Frederic III of Germany and VICTORİA  the eldest England's Queen Victoria , ...I take your attention here,..At  this point, The British Royal family is said tobe German , because , basically at  the Honoverian (Georgian) dynasty...

VICTORIA  was a Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 june 1837 until her death on 1 May 1876.,..... Wonderful.. How great  no ?.. Look Guys ; Queen Elizabet II and Prince Philip are both related to Queen Victoria.. No ?... Oh, c'mon friends....I'm going on...She was 1.52 cm .tall and very fat.she was eating 24 hours a day . errmmm , please do not misunderstand me.. she was as fat as our SNR .. Okay.. look SNR please not angry me !...Allright, I'm going on ,

MOORISH King Of the United Kingdom . The BLACK BOY King of England CHARLES STUART II... 1630 - 1685  by OGUEJIOFO ANNU.. Do you know  what does it mean ? If no, please research ...The word Stuard comes from the old Nordish root SVART which means Black....Believe me,  my friends this king was not brunette, or didnt get bronze under the sun with Nıvea Sun cream , he was as black as Obana . At this point , I fell into suspicion, why this king was  black,?  How did he become king ? Where were his roots going to...So, from right side I've researched and called my historian, from left side I've researched and  I called my geneticist friends ,and at  the end ,they told me that his roots were going to Morroco or probably  to Algeria maybe to Tunusia.. Oh My Gosh !...  but this black king history is not coming me logical.. If one of  your  has  any information on this issue ,please share it with me.. I look forward your letters ,e-mails ....

I hope ,I didnt bore you....Adriano ,

Thank You ,

 An Advise ; Before learning a language , learn the history of ıts land  !



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Do not tell me love words,

and never love me,

Do not kiss me  so long,

Do not wrap me so tight,

If so,I take you under  my foot !

Sincere words never trick me ,

You are not  CLARK GABLE to kiss me ,

WHAT ? am I your mom to hug me ?

If so, I take you under my foot !


By Adriano Martelli

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The Lord's Prayer in Old English

Hello,  my dearest friends, I hope you're all in good mood . Last week,  one of my Brirish Friends, posted me a passage to read ,understand and solve the means  of it...I tried  ,  worked hard but couldn't solve completely, So, I decided to ask to the  very specialist  teachers like your. I believe in with all my heart that,  majorty of the teachers of MyEC ,such as   Camelbridge , Oxenford and  Hardware Universities the English Literature  Faculties graduated from , This passage will come very easy to you  to solve the means of it . Well , you can help me to understan this pray...!.Thank you...I wait your precious messages as soon as  possible..


Faeder ure

du de eart on heofenum

si din nama geholgod

to-becume din rice

geweorpe din willa on

eorden swa swa on heofenum.

urge ge daeghwamlican hlaf

syle us to deag

and gorgyf us are gyltas

swa swa we forgifap urum



three clues ;;; ure = our , de= the  , heofenum = Heaven



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A Poem (Advise - blackening )

I saw and lived  every kinde of loves  in life , my sone, believe in me,

Some  sayes they were endless  loves, some sayes they were comedy,

Doe not weepe  for painful loves , wipe  your tears ,listen to me !

Keep this in youre  minde ,and never forget,.... my  sweety ,

Going  to the other world is compulsory !.



Adriano Martelli

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