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Your Smile

Do you know why I am always happy?

It is because something you have

Something that might be simple

But it is powerful and beautiful


Do you know why I always need you around?

It is because you get something I need

Something that is able to mend my broken heart

Something that is able to light my pitch-black mind

Something that you might share with the others

But still, yours is different.


In this sweet citrus afternoon

I am engulfed with joy

I am able to spread my damaged wings

I am finally able to smile again

It all happens when you give me a smile

You know, the most beautiful smile is yours

Thursday, March 22 2012


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The Story of Twin Angels

Well, I believe that it’s already been a long time since I posted a non-poem blog.  This time, I’d like to tell you a story, a story about two angels who inspire me so much.

And…the story begins…
A few months ago, I joined a programme called Kuliah Kerja Profesi Guru or The Practice of Teacher Profession (the main reason why I left My EC for a few months was this programme). It is a compulsory subject to take, because without joining the program, the undergraduates will never be the graduates. This programme required all educational undergraduates to teach at some schools which had been decided already. Thus, we had to learn how to be a good and lovable teacher.

After several English teaching practices at campus (I am an English Department student, that’s why I taught English at the time, though my English proficiency was quite poor), we were finally sent to the decided schools. I was assigned to High School Kartika VII-2, Kendari, the number one private school in Kendari. When hearing that I would teach at the school, I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to start. I said to myself,”Oh my god, the days of being teacher are about to come”. Coincidentally, one friend of mine told me that she had sixteen aged identical twin daughters studying at High School Kartika. She said,”Achan, their names are Septiyanty and Septiyanni. Just call them Anty and Anni. Please take care and help them in learning English because they are very poor at English, okay.” I responded by saying,”As you wish, my lovely sister”.    

Eventually, the “it’s show time” day came and all of the Kartikans (that’s my own term to call all of the undergraduates who were assigned to teach at this school), particularly six English Department students, officially started their new life as teachers, though not the real teachers. The superior English teachers divided several classes to us. I got three classes of second year students. I had no idea, though, perhaps this had been destined, but apparently, I got both of Anty and Anni’s classes. “Lucky me, “ I thought. I helped them learning English at any way I could do.

One of conventions I created as a teacher was my own catchphrase. When teaching and learning process was about to begin, I shout loudly,”Are you ready to learn?”. My students then responded by saying,”Yeah”. Though I am no longer teaching there because the programme was finally done, but my students and I still keep in touch. Every time I visit High School Kartika, my former students always tease me by saying, “Sir Achan, are you ready to learn??”. Hahaha….those kids seem still remembering the catchphrase of mine.

My superior once told me that I had a very loud voice. She said,”your voice is able to pass through three classes at once..Is it kinda gift or perhaps a curse for you?”. I simply answered,”maybe both, mam.” Hahahaha    

Let’s be back to the twins, okay..
The twins and I quickly became fast friends and grew close each other. Maybe it was because I am very close to their mother as well, since I regard her as my sister and they knew it. Time after time, we were getting closer and finally I should admit that I loved them as my little sister, especially to Anni (probably, it was because I talked to her more often than Anty). Whenever they got any problems and difficulties with English or another subjects, they must ask me to help. I used to say to them,”when you get some problems with English, do not hesitate to ask me, okay”. Then, whenever I met with their mother, we only talked about them.

After three months of teaching, I finally had to say goodbye to the school, because the programme had ended. I was kinda sad, because I had been used to living as a teacher. A few weeks later, the twins’ mother told me that the twins got sick, which made them could not go to the school for taking their student report books. I offered myself to take the books, because I still had some certain business at the school. When I gave the report books to their mother, she said that the twins were getting better. I was so happy and relieved to hear it.

Two days later (June 22, 2011), I got the news that Anty finally passed away because of leukaemia, whereas Anni’s condition was getting worse. Three days later (June 25, 2011), Anni followed her sister, went to another realm, to be with his sister because she also got the same disease. I was devastated and could not believe what had happened. I had ever heard that the identical twins are inseparable, which means when one is dead; the other will be dead as well.

Goodbye my lovely little sisters, I love you both so much, no one can replace you in my heart.
Now, you know, my friend, every time I wrote a new poem, their faces are always on my mind…
Even though I can’t see you, I can feel you after all this time
Westlife (I Will Reach You)


Special thanks for my lovely sister Anele, who inspires me to write this post :)



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Achan's Wordless Wednesday #3

Hi, my lovely friends..I've just got this nice picture a few days ago. These guys are my nephews.Hope you like it ;)


As usual, your commentary and caption are required :)


"Tell me you love me or else!"...the winning caption was submitted by Tara Benwell. Well, thanks so much guys for submitting your lovely captions. I owe you a lot..See you on the next Wordless Wednesday ;)

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Thank You

I wanna thank you very much

Cause you are here with me

Do you know how long I have been misled?

Keep walking through the night without any light

Get lost and alone in the peculiar dream

Get adrift in the sea of doubt

Then, you light up the lighthouse on your island

I feel the helping hands holding me

You know, my lady, those hands are yours


You wake me up from my never ending restlessness

You teach how to be a better man

You teach me how to love everything I own

You teach me how to treasure this life

You show me love I’ve never got before

You show me that I will not be alone anymore

You help me shaping a new life


I will learn to start again

I will learn not to be frightened again

I will learn to make it right

I will learn to live before I die

Thank you very much

Cause everything that’s good in me comes from you


Kendari, Sunday September 18, 2011


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Cause I Was Born For You

Losing you is a tragedy

Living this life without you is a calamity

Because you are too precious and valuable for me

And exceedingly worth of living in this world

I’ll be always standing next to you

Even though the world shows its hostility to you


If there are many obstacles hindering your path

I’ll be your sword to crush and wipe them out

If there are many assaults upon you

I’ll be your shield and armour to make sure you unscathed

If there are many foes surrounding you

I’ll always be your fortress to protect you

And if the storm and thunder are raging outside

I’ll be your greatest sanctuary

I’ll keep you alive

And I’ll keep you safe


Some of us were born to break things everywhere

Some of us were born to be the great people

But I was born to this world to be solely faithful and keep you safe

Till the end of time




Unaaha, Saturday September 10, 2011


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The Poem of Soft Wind

Dearest sisters of mine

Do you know that I really miss your utterance?

Cause your words are just like warm breeze             

Which always blows in the meadow every single time


My lovely sisters, when you come around

Your tender words fly me above the ground

Lift me up from the darkest shadows of underground

Your whisper makes me once again feel brand new and high-spirited


Every time you speak to me, I must feel the same

The feel which drives me adrift on the joy and bliss you make

My anger and sorrow are blown out because of your catchphrase

This is like a dream that I would not be willing to awake


You know, my dearest sisters, I am not so good with word

But one thing I deduce when hearing your word

I believe, even the greatest poet laureate will not be able to create the words like yours

Cause yours are filled with friendship, love, and thousand embraces


You know, every time you are around

 I feel like the luckiest brother in the world

Cause you have always been my bliss in the world

And your words are simply as soft as the wind

Kendari, Wednesday August 17th , 2011

Special dedicated to Anty and Anni



NB: Poet laureate is the official poet of a country.

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The world was created as one entity

Inseparable from human being

If the world trembles because of calamity

All of us couldn’t stay serenely


A couple of pearl were created to complement each other

If one pearl is gone, then so is the other

Leaving sole traces of shreds

 Everything will be completely meaningless if it truly happens


If the most important part of our life has gone

Could you figure out what it really means??

So, my friend, wherever you are

Never ignoring little things

Cause, sometimes they could be the main causes of our pain

Treasure everything you’ve already possessed, my friends.

Because if it has gone, you’ll only get yourself to blame and die in vain



In Memoriam Septiyanti Mutrina Naldy

(A good daughter, student, and sister)


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The Song of A Sad Bard

Don’t you know, my lovely pearl and little sister??

There are so many hardships we’ve been through

Together, we fight and battle the evil which tries to split us away

Together, we always stand victorious over all of obstacles that block our path

Together, we shed the tears of pearls like the most crybaby people who’ve ever lived on earth

Together, we laugh along the most ridiculous laugh the people have ever heard though there is no any funny thing


You have given me so much stuff, too much, but I give you nothing

I bother you every single time, but you only smile to me

I anger you every day, but you just laugh, a sign of sincerity

Now, you are gone, everything seems unfair

Why did you leave me so quickly?

Why didn’t I apologize for every evil deed I committed to you?


We’ve just started to know each other

But now, you’ve been taken away from me

Without you, the days ahead will be as harsh as the sandstorm in Arcadia

The months ahead will be as harsh as the snowstorm and avalanche in Ilia

The years ahead will be such the meaningless shreds

I could not imagine how I live this life since you’ve left me for good



Dear my lovely little sister….the pearl which lights up every point in my heart

You will always be immanent and exist in my mind

Forgive me because I’ve made so many mistakes to you

Forgive me because I have never been a good teacher, or even a good brother to you.

 Farewell my student, farewell my little sister, farewell my lovely pearl.

You will always be the joy of my life ever after



In Memoriam Septiyanti Mutrina Naldy and Septiyanni Agustina Carolin


(The good daughters, good students, and kind-hearted little sisters)

Who passed away on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 and Saturday, June 25, 2011.

May you both be happy ever after in the embrace of Allah SWT.

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Family is The Greatest Sanctuary

A bond amongst relatives is the greatest sanctuary

None in this world will be able to deny it

Even though there are many kinds of bond, but it remains


Like the sweetest chocolate it will feel like

Evoking our emotion and affection from the bottom of heart



Love amongst relatives is the true and real one

It will never be falsified, manipulated, or even juggled

Lies at the bottom of our heart

Yielded without any reduction

Always immanent, abide, and will never be gone

Nothing will be able to extinguish it because it is

Ablaze and glowing like the eternal flame


Nature of this love is to love without expecting something back

Appreciate and accept us with the way we are

Devotion and loyalty are the most important and obligatory

Impel all of the people to coexist peacefully

Yearning each other more than the lovers could do

Attesting that this love is more everlasting than any other kinds of love

Hence, never underestimate the power of friendship love


Nothing in this world can demolish our bond and friendship because

It’s pure, impeccable, and indestructible

Darkness cannot stand against its light

Ah…the bond of family is such an evergreen


Never say no to give the best to your beloved parents, brothers, and sisters.

Always remember who you really are

Because the only one place we can call as home is our family




Kendari, February 7 2011



Dedicated to the beloved ones :). Thanks so much for being my inspiration and the excuse for me to always be back here

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Cause You're So Adorable


Honey, if I could look across the city from Mandonga to Kendari Bay

You would never be out of my sight

Say goodbye to loneliness because I would watch and gaze you every day

 I would be the greatest and dependable watcher you never expect


Honey, if I could reach the stars, I’d pull them down only for you

They would shine forever and you’d  see the truth of my love

Love which leads me to be crazy because of you

I’d do whatever it takes to show how much I care.


Honey, if I could be a mighty king, even for a minute

I would take you as my queen, sitting on the throne of my heart

You would be the greatest joy of my life because you are so adorable

Our love would be a kingdom, our hearts would never be apart


My dear, I always believe that our love will remain standing

Cause our love itself is indestructible

You know, I miss you so much tonight, oh my darling

Cause I wish you were here with me


Kendari, February 1, 2011


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Many people consider that leaving comment on someone else’s blog is not too important because it will waste their time only. They say the most important points are they have already read and got some information from it,  which means there is no need to leave any comment. However, even though a comment seems “tiny”, it possesses a great power they have never known (that's what I believe).

Teacher Tara said,”commenting is equal to blogging”, which means when leaving comment on someone else’s blog, you have posted your own blog as well. If you have not posted any blog, do not worry. Leave your comment on every blog you have read, it will remain the same with blogging itself. Comments that you see in your blog may only a few words, but it will make you so glad, because what you have already posted is highly appreciated by those who have left the comment. Even the simple comments like “beautiful”, “lovely”, “good job”, “great blog”, and so on, will motivate you to write more (I feel the same way when seeing all the comments on my own blog, thanks to you).  In short, when you have already been motivated, you will be more productive in writing and posting new blog periodically.

Comments are also able to keep our relationship as fellow English lovers and friends. By leaving your comment on my blog or page (even a word only), for instance, means our friendship light will always shine ever after (this is what I truly feel, what about you?). Comment is the way for us to keep in touch each other. Though, chat room is available at My English Club, but I consider your comments are still the greatest ones. I must admit that your comments have already been the important and inseparable part of my life. Your lovely, adorable, fascinating, and encouraging words in form of comments are such a lantern for me (poet mode on hahaha..). I’ve got much stuff at this site because of you, the dearest friends of mine. I’ve got friendship and love I will have never got from any other spots.



Special thanks to Mr. Josef for finding My EC, Ms. Tara for being a good and patient teacher to us (though we can be stubborn sometimes), all of moderators for your good work (keep it up, man), my dearest sisters Karenina, Nadira, Anele, Nadiyah, and Nida for every support, inspiration, and insight you give me, and all of my lovely pals at this site. Thanks for the comments and lovely cards, and for always being my friend. Do not hesitate to leave your comment, okay :).


So, what do you think about the comments themselves? Can you feel their power? Do you feel the same way with me?.    


Hope you find this little post useful





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    Giving advice to any others seems tricky for me because I almost have nothing to share :). But, I’ll do my best working on this writing challenge and fortunately, I’ve just got a nice inspiration for this post. I am an eleventh grade student in college now and I believe that I have already been experienced to advise the new undergraduates (narcissistic mode on, do not laugh, please ;)

    Okay, for those who have already been the new undergraduates in college, there are a few things you need to keep in your mind. Do not regret if you have the bad consequences because you do not follow them. You will only get yourself to blame if it happens. Here they are:

1. Do not ignore the first meeting. Some lecturers appraise those who attend the first meeting and those who do not. Sometimes, they will mark you as “stubborn student ever” if you ignore the first meeting. An old saying says “a first meeting will make the everlasting impression”. So, do not ignore it, okay. 

2. Be on time. This is very important to you. It will give you several advantages as follows:   

a. You will have the chance to choose any seat you like because you come earlier than any others.

b. You will have the chance to prepare yourself dealing with the lesson. There is so much EFL research states that students need at least ten till fiveteen minutes to prepare theirselves, so that they are ready to learn and acquire the new knowledge.

c.You will not be scolded for being late by your beloved lecturer (absolutely).

3. Do not be a bad liar. What I mean is when you’re late, do not make the boring reasons or excuses like traffic jam, oversleep, playing video games till dead of night or any others. The lecturer will mark you (again) and sometimes it will affect your final score later on. Believe me, that’s not a good idea.

4. Do your paper or assignment as soon as possible. Whenever you get lovely assignments from your lecturers, make sure you do it long time before the deadline. It will be complicated if the deadline is tomorrow morning, and you’ve just started to do it at night before tomorrow. So, use your time wisely.

5. Make your paper or assignment as good as possible. You need to make it different with any others have. Some lecturers will give additional point if they consider that your paper is “good looking”. A few friends of mine always make a colorful cover with nice picture for their papers. As a result, they got A score, whereas I got only B. I wish I had followed the same way. However, do not too focus on the appearance, because even though your own is “good looking”, but not scientific, do not expect getting a good score or point.


6. Always prepare the slide show for your presentation. When you need to present something in front of the class, do not forget to make Power Point slide, even though you are not asked to make it by your lecturer. Your presentation will be very nice, and so will your score.  

7. Never miss every single assignment. It means you need to do every given assignment from your lecturer and hand it in. I had ever got C, and even the worst one (E), because I forgot submitting one assignment only. I was scolded by my lecturer at the time. She says,” You’re so obstinate, Achan. Your mid term and final exam score were excellent ones, but you had one assignment left. You’re supposed to get A, but you disappoint me. I’m sorry, I can only give you C”. Uh, I wish I had handed it in at the time.  

8. Try to make friend with lecturers. If you befriend them, sometimes they will give you good scores when you are programming their lesson or subject. Trust me, it works.  

9. Learn the lecturers’ characteristic in giving the exam. It will help you to figure out what kind of questions will be given at the test. If you succeed, you will be able to answer the questions easily. Do not forget to learn before the exam as well, okay.

10. Amuse yourself is very important. When you have already been an undergraduate, boredom is your greatest enemy. An undergraduate can be bored easily because he or she has the same activity to do every day. Thus, you need to be able to amuse yourself by going to the interesting spots, playing video games, visiting your friends, or even giving a gift to yourself.


    Yeah, finally, I am done. Thanks for reading, pals. Hopefully, this little advice is useful for you.






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Did ya know???In my province (South East Sulawesi), water can be called as the primary need because it’s important to the agricultural system. The main source of water is the biggest river in South East Sulawesi called Konaweeha River. Water is distributed through a big dam called Wawotobi Dam to all the rice fields in a few cities such as Unaaha, Wawotobi, Lambuya, Uepai and their surroundings. Meanwhile, any other cities such as Pohara, Asera, and Besulutu do not have any dam because Konaweeha River streams through those cities which means the farmers only need to dig their own main waters to acquire water supply from the river. Sometimes , the farmers in Wawotobi takes the water supply from Larowiu Waterfall instead of the river because it sometimes is not enough for their rice fields, particularly the large ones.In addition, my lovely province is also very well known with Moramo Waterfall, which has been being the main source of a drinking water factory. The factory takes supply of water from the waterfall because Moramo Waterfall’s water had been examined proper enough to be drinking water source. The study was conducted in 1990 and accomplished by the experts of the Government.In short, there is no need to worry about water and the people have never been lack of water because the water supply in my province is quite plenty. Konaweeha River is adequate to fulfill water needs of people. However, even though the water supply is plenty, people there cannot use water haphazardly (wasting water). Remember, a drop of water is needed by many people all over the world.

The pictures above are Larowiu Waterfall and Konaweeha RiverAchan Malaka
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I found English Club when I was searching the literature stuff for my assignment at Google. I was thinking that there must be a certain club for English learners on the net. So, I tried typing "English Club" at search box. Frankly, I had no idea at all that English Club truly exists. When I figured out that English Club was a site, I was extremely surprised. Then, I found so many lovely stuffs which can help me in improving my English. I got many new informations and English lessons such as 7 secrets, Idiom of the Day, and Slang of the Day. I have already been being interested with slangs and informal contractions since I was still a Senior High School student and I could find many kinda slang and informal contraction at EC. I also knew a new super hero called Grammarman through this lovely site. However, I was not interested with My EC at the moment because I feel adequate with English Club lessons only.When visiting English Club for the hundred times, I saw a link to My EC and I thought," Why do not I try to join. I will probably get more". I decided to join My English Club and signed up. After finishing the registration process, I promised myself that I will be a good member at My EC.At last, my registration was approved by My EC management and I was so excited because every member is allowed to post blog in his/her own page. Blogging is such a dream comes true for me. I decided to write a poem as my first blog entitled I Only Need Little Love. A few days after posting time, I was happy because I could see how lovely the any other members of My EC in terms of giving a comment. That's the first time I met my lovely sister Karenina and Nadira. Their comments made me so flattered and happy. Their comments encouraged me to write more, particularly Karenina's. That's a lovely reason I made my fourth blog entitled D’ya See Her...She’s My Sister. Karenina and Nadira have been being the lovely friends for me.I also found any other lovely friends such as Mr. Jossef, Tara, Nadiyah, M. Adaway, Lamegogo, Deuce, Expector Smith, Anele, Bob, Fe, Xkalibur, Rosenmaiden (Inga), Meema, Nebia, Rose and so on. You have been being kind for me, especially Tara, who always be a good and lovely teacher for us. I have no any word to say except "Thank You" to all of you.I feel my English has been being improved because of EC and My EC. Both of the sites offer me so much information that will have never been got from any others. Commenting on the any others' blog enable me to practice my English as often as possible. This can only be got in My English Club.I promise that I will have never changed my sight away from EC and My EC. My EC is the only social network I love and I will never be change of heart to any other sites. That is the reason why I have no any account on Facebook or Twitter. I will and will always be a good member of My English Club. I do not hesitate to call them as the best sites all over the world...VIVA EC AND MY ECA-Chan
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The Fire and Ice

Would ya prefer to die because of fire?Your death will be quick, without any suffering and painYour soul will be burnt downLeaving only the ashes behindWhich are spread on the earthWould ya prefer to die because of ice?Your death will be slow and agonizingYour soul will be frozen, covered by lonelinessLeaving only one small ice cubeWhich will take your soul away foreverWhat about keep staying alive?Enjoying your lovely life with your relatives and palsBurning your soul with the fire of loveSharing your affection to them like the melting iceAnd being grateful to the God because you are still alivePerhaps, that's what every single person wantsCause I believe, nobody wanna die soon( I made this poem after reading one poem of Robert Frost entitled The Fire and Ice. I dedicate this poem to everybody in the world. Keep enjoying your life, even though your life is so hard because it is the greatest present you have from the God. You gotta believe that your life is valuable)Achan Malaka
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Cerita Di Malam Hari

The Story At NightWhen the sun begins to go downThen, the goddess of night greets the worldWith her lovely and gentle greetingShe says ,”Finally, I am coming to the world”The moon smiles to meWith her lovely and beautiful smile which is able to soften my heartI see the stars begin to danceThey look happy in the sky this nightI presume that they are trying to amuse meI feel that I am flying and levitating through the skyThrough all of my desiresI enter the new and lovely world in any other dimensionIt makes me forget all of insanity in the real worldI wish that this illusion would never be goneNow, I have been aware againAnd I see that the stars are still dancingI can hear the lovely voices of cricketsTheir voices sounds like a beautiful orchestra on the stageTheir voices accompanies me through this long night

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