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  • Hello Aaron,
    Thanks for your note on my wall. Please do not take it personal but i prefer to communicate through messages here. I do have a msn address, but as i amnot a chatter, i reserve it for my relatives and very close friends. I hope you understand. Be sure i will always be happy to answer your messages here.

    Wishing you all the best,
  • Hello,
    my ID is

    You know, the most part of Russian people are educated.But now a lot of student enter the univercity just for get any education not thinking what they are going to do in future.Maybe they can't enter that univercity which they want to...It happens rather often.

    -Hope you are well,
  • Hello,
    yes, the education systems in our countries are really different. I'm now in the 10th grade(from upcoming autumn) and I have just two years for studying at school. So it's not long time. I don't know how it happens in China, but in Russia school knowleghes aren't enough and you have to have a lot of lessons with private teachers. That is why you have to know the Univercity before entrance for preparing for exams.

    You choice is cool too!Apple Centre - it's fantastic!I haven't been to it in Moscow, 'cause I have been to Moscow once and just as a tourist, we didn't have enogh time even to see the Cremlin well:)

    Yes, I have Microsoft Live and there I am Traschenko Ann.You can find me there if you want.

    -Have a good day,
  • Hi,

    Thanks for a compliment:)
    I agree that sometimes music influences our life very much.I had such event in my own life too.There were some problems with friends and teachers and so on:) and music helped.It was Roxette.That is something like Evanescence but the latest are rock-gothic group and the first are rock-pop.Listening to their songs I understood a lot of sings! The same way I was helped by Robbie Williams, James Blunt and etc.

    I don't study at univercity but just at school( 9th grade).And you, do you study at Univercity?
    This year I have started to look for a place for futere studying:it's so difficult!:)Even now I doubt what to choose.I hope to enter St.-Petersburg Univercity.

    And what is your future job?Is it difficult to find work in China('cause in Russia it is)?
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Hello,Aaron!

    Evanescence is really popular in Russia among the young rockers:) I agree: The fallen is a very good album. My favourite song , the most favourite,are: Bring me to life, Going under and of cause My Immortal. I began interested in them not long time ago, but when I heard the voice of Ami Lee I was charmed.For me that's very important when there is no just good music and good words in the song but also the voice. That is why I like singers I wrote you about.
    As I heard, the group was destroyed in 2009, but Ami Lee found new people and this autumn they are going to present a new album!
    Looking forward to buying it:)
    And whom else do you listen to?What style of music do you prefer?

    Hope you are OK,
  • I don't like rap or hip-hop either, the same way is with pop-music, 'cause nowedays real pop-music is rare,almost in Russia.I prefer foreign music such as hard-rock.When I say it to my classmates they imagine heavy-metal:)But I like The Beatles, Sting, Robbie Williams, Enya, Avril Lavign, Evanesence and etc. I hope you understood what I like:)

    About food.........This question is rather difficult,'cause in different eof Russia there are different meals: in Caucasus- kebab(shashlik), in Sibiria - mushrooms and sour cream,in the centre - cotleti made from schuka(the fish).But there are meals which are popular forever.Of cause you heard about caviar but we don't eat it often - it's very expensive. There are other meal: borsch'(we eat it every day:)),pel'meni, frozen potatoe and fish(seledka),vareniki and nlini.We often eat rather "hard" food made from dough and meat.....We like sweet - honey,fruits in sugar and so on.....
    What is about Chinese food?
  • Hello!
    That's very pleasant that you like Russia and fond of its culture.I quite agree with you about Russian grammar - it's so difficult even for people using it from very childhood and I respect foreigners learning and trying understand it.
    You know our song - that's perfectly:) Their are not just our ,Russian,classic, but also they are an important part of international history. But you know, the times of Shalyapin,times of War song are passed and nowedays I dout what recommend you.Vitas is OK, but in our country he isn't popular.The most part of young people listen to "stars" who don't have any voice. They are most often are rappers: Guf, Noice Mc, T9; pop singers:maksim, Вера Брежнева, Сергей Лазарев and so on. I don't like them:)But try to listen to them.

    -Have a good day,
  • Hallo,Aaron!
    How are you?
    So if you learn Russian I suggest you writing in Russian and I will answer English, what do you think? :)
    And what are you fond of?Do you like Russian and our language?

  • Hi Aaron,
    Nice to meet you!
    Thank you for the friend request,I'm glad that I am on your friends' list.


    Thanks For The Add Scraps @

  • Hallo, Aaron or Володя!!:)))))))
    Thanks for adding.Nice to meet you))
    Нou speak Russian, don't you?Do you learn it in Chine or you have visited Russia?How long have you been studying it?

    С уважением, Аня:))))
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