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In pics: Gaza under fire 2014

WARNING: This blog contains images that may be disturbing to some readers.

Deadly strike on Gaza port:

(Israeli Strike on Gaza Beach Kills Four Children)

(Israeli Shelling Kills four boys who had been playing hide and seek among fishermen's shacks)

(Palestinian men carry the body of a young boy, who was killed by Israeli shelling on a beach in Gaza City)

(Moutaz Bakr, one of the boys who survived Israeli shelling, was shaking with a broken army, blood shot eyes, says he saw three of his friends killed)

(Palestinians mourn over the dead bodies of four boys from the same family,who were killed by Israeli shelling on a beach in Gaza)

(Young Palestinian children cry during the funeral of four of their relatives in Gaza City. The four boys  were killed as Israel shelled a beach earlier in that day )


(United Nations employees distribute food to Palestinians at a school in Gaza)

Israel’s deadly attack on a United Nations school in northern Gaza

(Israeli strike on UNRWA school kills 15 and leaves 200 wounded in northern Gaza)

(The attack happened as the playground was crowded with families waiting to be ferried to safety)

(The majority of those injured in the attack on the school were women and children)

(The attack was condemned by Ban Ki-Moon, who said "Today's attack underscores the imperative for the killing to stop and to stop now")

(Several UN schools have come under fire. A school in Maghazi, central Gaza, sheltering about 1,000 people, was hit by Israeli shells as an UNRWA team inspected damage caused by an earlier strike)


(A ball of fire is seen following an Israeli air strike on Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip)

(A member of the Palestinian Selam family of Khan Yunis, Gaza, is rescued from under the wreckage of his house, which was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike)

(A Palestinian woman looks at a wall damaged by shrapnel at Beit Hanoun hospital)

(A young boy stands amid the rubble of the burned out home of Marwan Qawasmeh in Hebron, after the house was blown up by the Israeli army)


(London,UK Protesters take part in a Stop the War march from the Israeli embassy to the houses of parliament)

(London, UK  A demonstrator with their face painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag protests outside the Israeli embassy)

(Members of Chile's Palestinian community call for peace during a rally in Valparaiso on Saturday)

(Paris, France Pro-Palestinian demonstrators let off smoke canisters in the colors of the Palestinian flag in Republique square)

(An ultra Orthodox Jew holds a Palestinian flag during a protest against Israel's air strikes on Gaza in London)

(Durban, South Africa, Women demonstrate in support of the Palestinian people)

(Seoul, South Korea, A Palestinian girl holds a sign at a rally near the Israeli embassy)


(Smoke rises after an Israeli missile hit the Shujaiya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City)

(Two Palestinian girls run past a damaged ambulance in Gaza)

(There was no let-up in the Israeli offensive, with another 31 Palestinians killed in a series of strikes even as the US and the UN demanded an 'immediate ceasefire')

(Tens of thousands of Palestinians living in the area which is in close proximity, left their houses in the past days to seek shelter from an Israeli ground invasion)

(A Palestinian boy wounded by Israeli shelling, receives treatment at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City) 

(Four-year-old Palestinian girl Shayma Al-Masri lies on a bed next to her doll. Hospital officials said she was wounded in an Israeli air strike that killed her mother and two of her siblings)

(Palestinians walk through rubble in the Shujai'iya residential neighbourhood of Gaza City)

(Palestinians search the rubble of a destroyed house in Rafah refugee camp)

(An Israeli Merkava tank rolls along the southern Israeli border with Gaza)

(An Israeli soldier prays in front of a tank at a military staging area near the border with the Gaza Strip)

(A wounded Palestinian child is treated for injuries sustained by flying shrapnel following Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip)

(Rawia Abu Joma’a, 17, has not been informed that two Israeli rocket attacks had killed her four-year-old sister, Rahaf, as well as three cousins. Lying at the Shifa Hospital)

(Palestinian women react to the destruction in Beit Hanuon, northern Gaza Strip, during the ceasefire)

(The ceasefire was extended by an extra four hours, as international leaders attempted to negotiate a long-term truce between Israel and Hamas)

(Gaza's only power plant was damaged as Israel carried out 60 air strikes)

(Israeli forces struck by air, sea and land, lighting up the night sky with flare bursts and leaving long plumes of smoke trailing over Gaza City in the morning)

(Gaza saw one of its heaviest nights of bombardment, shortly after Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of a long conflict ahead)

(The skies over Gaza City were filled with huge plumes of smoke again as Israel intensified its four-week offensive in the Palestinian territory)

(29 July 2014)

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BBC: Mass Egypt death sentences 'breach international law'

CNN: Egypt court sentences hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death

Reuters:Brotherhood head, 682 others tried in Egypt after mass death sentence

The GuardianEgyptian judge sentences 720 men to death



On 28th April 2014, Al-Minya  court  has sentenced to death 37 defendants, life term imprisonment to 492 and referred 683 sentences to the Grand Mufti "including Muslim brotherhood's public guide Mohamed Badie".
They were charged of inciting to kill, attacking police stations and burning them down, stealing weapons from police stations, setting prisoners free, slaughtering police officers and spreading terror. 

Death and life imprisonment sentences have received wide criticism and denouncement around the world and that lead us to ask about the crime they committed and the details of the verdict. 

Are they really mass death sentences? 

1-According to the Egyptian law the absent defendants receive the maximum penalty until they get arrested and their trial starts all over again. “The penalty they receive is not the final penalty and they will have a retrial when they get arrested”


-From the 37 death sentences only 7 attended the trial and the rest were absent, so only 7 defendants will be sentenced to death.

 -From the 492 defendants around 84 attended the trial while the rest were absent.

 -From the 683 death sentences that are referred to the Grand Mufti around 160 defendants attended the trial.

-The Grand Mufti’s opinion is not mandatory and the verdict will be revised by the jury again.

 -Only 7 defendants were sentenced to death and around 84 to life imprisonment.


2- These death and life imprisonment sentences are still preliminary sentences and can be appealed. “which has already done by the public prosecutor”


The above means that the trial still going on and the verdict might get strengthened or reduced.


What were the crimes they committed?


That will take us back to “Rabaa” and “El-Nahda” sit-ins. The two sit-ins that the ousted president Morsy’s supporters and brotherhood members had gathered in for about 48 days. From the two sit-ins stages brotherhood leaders incited to kill Egyptians and attacked the Egyptian army on the borders. They admitted that when one of  the brotherhood leaders threatened that the attacks on the borders will stop once Morsy is back to power.


 Furthermore, they declared the formation of a war council in Sinai to kill and assassinate the Egyptian army troops. They declared “Rabaa” as an independent republic and assigned three of the brotherhood leaders as the president, prime minister and defense minister.


They detained police officers, news reporters and common people. They tortured them, killed and buried some of them. The two sit-ins were armed with guns and lethal weapons and were used during the sit-ins and the clearing of the sit-ins.


After clearing the sit-ins Mosry’s supporters tried to spread terror by burning police stations all over Egypt, as well as churches and any important buildings.

Egyptians defended many of these police stations side by side to police forces while some others were destroyed and burned down by Morsy’s supporters.


Back again to the above defendants’ crimes.


Matay police station:

 The 529 defendants (37 death sentences and 492 life imprisonments) were accused of attacking Matay police station and burning it down, and plundering and stealing its guns and weapons.



They slaughtered the deputy police of the Matay police station, Colonel “Mostafa El-Attar”. Before his death, they tracked him to the hospital to torture him.





They assaulted lieutenant “Karim Hendawy”



and other officers.




Al-Adwa police station:

 The 683 sentences that are referred to the Grand Mufti, were accused of attacking the police station, and burning it down, plundering, stealing weapons from police station and killing police officers.




Assaulting is a crime … Torturing is a crime … Killing is a crime.

Stealing weapons is a crime … Plundering is a crime … Burning down police stations is a crime.


And when crimes are done systematically on a wide scale against the whole community to cause chaos and spread terror … it is terrorism.


It is strange to feel pity for the killers and not feel pity for their victims.


It is great to defend human rights, but it is strange to defend criminals, and it is a crime to defend and support terrorists.


We are fighting terrorism … Egyptians are fighting terrorism.

And we will be victorious … There are no other choices.

And tomorrow will be far better than today.

special thanks to Anele

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"57357 " The dream that we believed in !!!

It was a dream … a dream by a group of brave and devoted citizens. A dream that we have believed in and wished it to come true.

Dream of alleviating suffering and pain of innocent children from a ruthless killer called "Cancer".


Globally …

According to the “World Health Organization” in their global action against Cancer 2005 document, there are over 160,000 children globally diagnosed with cancer yearly, with 90,000 children dying yearly.  80% of these children live in developing countries.


Location: Egypt …

Egypt’s population between 0-19 years of age in 2005 was projected to be 43% of the total population of 74 million. According to the SEER report, the probability of cancer developing before the age of 20 years is 1 in 300. Therefore, approximately 8400 children are estimated to develop cancer in Egypt each year. 20% - 40% of these children will die due to lack of adequate treatment and facilities, as well as advanced technology.


In the meanwhile a dream was born with a pivotal question with no answer “Is it possible?”


The dream was to establish a state of the art specialized hospital for children with cancer that would provide high standards of medical care and would cure children for free by achieving high survival rates with only one main source of fund “Donations”.


A problem arose, how it could have the latest means of treatment and at the same time it would not take money from patients who would be treated. Moreover, how it would meet the expenses needed to treat those children!!!


This dream was completely based on charity goal, so it needed our help and our support.

And as their dream was our hope to see our children smile once again and play happily and joyfully, we profoundly believed in this dream and embraced it wholeheartedly.



The fundraising campaign started ….


“57357” was the name of the dream - and the name of the hospital.

It was very essential to have a unique and distinctive name. A name that people would instantly connect to being a worthy cause for them to support. This name was chosen because it was the hospital’s first bank account number. So,  whoever heard this name, would remember the dream and the responsibility they have to draw smiles on our children’s faces.


After choosing the name, the advertising campaign started in the Egyptian media to collect donations from the whole community -the rich and the poor  - organizations and individuals- to build the hospital with a target of opening date of December 2003.


However, the pivotal question remained without an answer … Is it possible?


The answer was very clear.

Yes, it is possible.

Believing in the dream was the answer.

Persistence and hard work were the answer.

Charity and self denial were the answer.

Drawing a smile on our kids’ faces was the answer.


We donated to make the dream comes true.


On July 7, 2007 the dream came to reality with the opening of the magnificent “Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt” (CCHE) "57357" and it was ready to accept and treat kids who suffer from cancer for free.


It accepted many children suffering from cancer and provided them with high standards of treatment and health care. Moreover, it provided care and attention to their families.

It was able to cure many children and make them able to live normally once again and to play and laugh as all the normal kids around them did.

Many of these children visited “57357” after their full recovery to show their gratitude to this hospital and support the patients and give them hope.

“57357” has succeeded in achieving high rates of curing children and it accepts patients from all over Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore, they are treated for free, all thanks to people’s continuous donations.


This is not the end of the story … the story will continue as long as this hospital is working and as long as our donations continue to flow in generously.


We have a long way to walk together and a dream we will keep pursuing …



You also can dream with us and draw a smile on a kid’s face by contributing your own donation, no matter how small it may be.


For more information about 57357:


Egypt cancer network




Special thanks to (rysperskiMohamed"Amazigh"noaslpls and YA (μοναδικός))


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Bleeding hearts


In one of my previous blogs, I was talking about some people who hurt other people by their bad words and attitudes and I used this sentence "This kind of attacks leaves behind deep wounds and bleeding hearts."  And in order to stress on the meaning, I wanted to use a pic of a heart with some blood and wounds. So, I went to Mr.Google and chose “Images” and typed “Bleeding hearts” and instead of having hearts, blood and wounds I found this ......


>>>> Flowers <<<<


Yes, that’s right. I’m not kidding. I found tones of pics for flowers.


I checked my search many times to be sure that I didn’t get this result by mistake, but apparently it wasn’t a mistake and there is a flower called “bleeding heart”.



Honestly, I was amazed I didn’t see a flower before looks like this. A pink or a white heart-shaped flower. I was curious to know more about this flower so I paid a visit to Mr. Wikipedia and asked him about this amazing flower.

Scientific name: Lamprocapnos spectabilis (Lamprocapnos).

Preferred common name: Bleeding heart or White bleeding heart.

Other common names: Dutchman's breeches, Lyre flower, Seal flower and Lady in bath.

It grows in spring in Siberia, northern China, Korea and Japan.

The bad side: It is a toxic flower contacting with it can cause skin irritation in some people.



Unfortunately, for every amazing thing there is a bad side, but I still think it is an amazing flower.

I wonder what your opinions are about this flower !!!!

And what is the most amazing or the weirdest flower you have ever seen ? (please, share with us its pic)

For more Information about this flower:

Wiki-bleeding hearts

Pink bleeding heart

white bleeding heart






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This blog is dedicated to one of our best bloggers (if not the best). I know that I am not good enough to write about her. So, at least I will dedicate this one for her.



This time it is a self-criticism of myself and of all of us as Muslims.


First of all I have to mention that I’m neither an Islamic scholar nor a preacher, but rather I’m expressing my view and you have all the right to agree or disagree. 

The previous part was about religions and how that Allah gave us the right to choose. Thus, no one can take away a right that Allah has granted us. 


Many times fierce discussions about different religious views take place in EC. Sometimes, these discussions are about Islam, and sometimes Muslims get involved in these religious discussions.


 I have witnessed many of these discussions and I have seen many Muslims talk in a rational way that I admired and appreciated.


Sadly, on the other hand, I have seen a few Muslims insult others’ people views, lifestyles, cultures, countries, beliefs and religions in the name of Islam. Furthermore, a few of them doubt the chastity of women and wives of people from other religions in the name of Islam.


Islam is innocent from them and from their bad and impolite attitude. I apologize sincerely for what they say and what they do.


Some Muslims think they are doing a favor to Islam by degrading other people’s religions and cultures, but in fact they do a great harm to Islam by their terrible attitude.


Sometimes, we become the worst enemy of ourselves and we destroy all what we are trying to build by our own hands.


This leads us to many wonderings:

-Is this our Islam teachings?

-Is this how Islam wants us to talk and invite people to Islam?

-Does Islam encourage us to insult others’ beliefs and faith?

-Does Islam teach us to be rude and impolite to others?


Let us discover together the answers from the following verses: 

“Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His way, and He is most knowing of who is [rightly] guided.” [16:125]


Islam teaches us to invite people to it by “wisdom and good instruction” and to talk to the other “in a way that is best”.



“And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do.” [6:108]


Islam orders us not to “insult those they invoke other than Allah”.


Therefore, the real essence of Islam teaching is to behave with good manners to everybody, not to insult people with different views and respect people’s beliefs and religions. Even if we got insulted by the other we have to act “in a way that is best”.


This is our Islam that we love and raised up on and this is my sincere advice to myself and to all Muslims.

The worst enemy we can face is ourselves and without realizing our mistakes and knowing our problems, we will never be able to overcome them.


The coexistence … From an Islamic point of view (part 1)

The coexistence … From an Islamic point of view (part 2)

The English translation of Quran

Special thanks to (Tim New and Mac38)

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The coexistence … From an Islamic point of view (part 2)


I mentioned in the first part that I’m neither an Islamic scholar nor a preacher, but I’m presenting my view and you have the right to agree or disagree with any or all of it.

EC is an amazing world that gives us a great chance to improve ourselves.In EC we can enrich our English and improve our communication skills. In addition, we can exchange our ideas, views and experience.

Exchanging our ideas and views is a wonderful advantage but at the same time it could be a devastating disadvantage if we abused it.

Some people come to EC to continue their ongoing fights in their life with others’ views, cultures and religions. They find it a good chance to win many battles they failed or could not win on the ground. Mainly they come to EC to show their hatred toward the other.

This time I want to talk about “religions and beliefs” as it is one of the most arguable topics which cause lots of conflicts and disputes on EC




Religions and beliefs:

All of us have our own religions and beliefs that occupy a special place in our hearts. Our religions and beliefs play a key role in building our character and personality and we choose our way in life based on them. Many of our choices, decisions, dreams and goals are also built on them.


Mocking, insulting and attacking other people’s religions and beliefs are like causing an earthquake in many aspects of their life … Their concepts, decisions and aspirations.


This kind of attacks leaves behind deep wounds and bleeding hearts.


It is very healthy to express ourselves and our opinions. It is also very healthy to discuss our differences and beliefs, as long as we do that in a polite and respectful way.

Unfortunately, some people refuse to talk politely and seek to show their hatred toward others.


-Why do they act like this?

-Will they gain supremacy by degrading others’ religions and beliefs?

-Can they deprive us of practicing the right that God gave us … “the right to believe“ ?

Now, let me mention a verse from Quran to explain my point of view:

“There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.” Quran [2:256]

“There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong.”

Allah has created us and gave us the free will to choose … to choose him … to choose our religion … to choose our beliefs.


If Allah has created us to worship him, why did he give us the free will to choose?:

“The right course has become clear from the wrong.”

Allah made the right way clear and gave us the free will to choose. He wants us to choose him willingly and because we love him, not because we are forced to.

Choosing someone by your free will because you love him and want to obey him is far better than choosing someone because you are forced to “in this case it won’t be a choice it will be coercion”.

Allah wants us to come to him willingly that’s why he gave us the free will to choose.

Allah has granted us this right … The right to choose … No one can deprive us of practicing it.

We might not believe and disagree with other people’s religions and beliefs but we must respect each other’s right to choose. Furthermore, we have to respect each other’s beliefs even if we disagree with them.

I might not believe what you believe, and I might also disagree with you, but I must respect your right to choose and respect your beliefs. This is how Allah wants us to treat each other.

If you want to express your view about your own religion and beliefs, go ahead.

If you want to disagree with others’ religions and beliefs, go ahead.

But do so in a polite and appropriate way. Don’t impose your religious views on others and don’t degrade their religious views. Don’t try to be a winner by defeating everybody around you.

The winner is the one who wins by winning people’s hearts and the loser is the one who tries to win by defeating everybody.

The coexistence … From an Islamic point of view (part 1)

The English translation of Quran

special thanks to (Tim New, Mohamed"Amazigh", noaslpls and sima)

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At first glance, the title would let you think it is purely a religious topic, but in fact it is not.

I have to mention first that I’m neither an Islamic scholar nor a preacher. I’m just presenting my view and you have all the right to agree or disagree with.


When I joined EC, it was very interesting and amusing to meet lots of people from all over the world. People who are from different countries and have different views, cultures, religions and backgrounds.

It was a great chance to know more about places I have never been and different lifestyles. The best part was that I could see these places through my friends’ eyes by how they saw and felt them. They didn’t give me ordinary descriptions of the places where they live, but instead they gave me the experience they witnessed in these places.


As EC allows us (people from all over the world) to be together, which is a great advantage. It also allows people who have opposite views to be together, which is also a good advantage if they learned how to handle it.

However, many of them fail to

tolerate with their differences

and act as if EC was the ring

and they have to knock

out their opponents.

They turn EC from a place to learn English, meet new friends and learn new things to a place in which they can declare wars, show their animosity and attack other people’s countries, cultures and religions.

EC is just a small example of

the world that we live in

and from this example

a few questions arise:

-Why don’t we all live in the same country and have the same culture and belief?

-Why do we have these differences?

-Which one of us has the best culture and view?

-Who is the best among us?


To answer these questions I will mention a verse from Quran:

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.” Quran [49:13]   



Allah made us “peoples and tribes” to “know one another


As man can’t live alone and needs a community to live in. He also needs a partner, parents and a family.  Not only that, but also he can’t do all the jobs alone, he needs doctors, engineers, teachers…etc.

The same applies to peoples,

countries and cultures.

They need each other to survive,

in case of one of them falls

it passes the torch to

the other one to continue.

This is the purpose from this wide diversity.

This is why we have to “know one another”.


The best among us are ‘the most righteous” and only Allah knows who are they. So no one can say I’m the best.


Thus, we shouldn’t waste our time trying to prove which one of us is better than the other, but we have to work hard to “know one another” and that won’t happen unless we accept each other, tolerate with our differences, live together and exchange knowledge and experience.


That way we will fulfill the wisdom of Allah in creating us with this wide diversity.


As I have always believed … If there are thousands of reasons to hate each otherThere are millions of reasons to love and live together. 

Special thanks to (Tim New, noaslpls and sima)

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Why have Egyptians ousted Morsi ?

This is an old article I posted before but I lost it so I'm republishing it.


1- He said before being elected if Egyptians asked him to leave he would respect the Egyptians' will and leave. (He lied)

2-He swore to respect the constitution and the law. However, He issued a decree stripping the judiciary of the right to challenge his decisions. (He abused his power)

3- He promised that the constitution will represent all the Egyptians. However, only his party and his allies had participated in framing it. (He abused his power)

4- The new constitution abolished the minister of media position. However, he assigned a member of his party to occupy this position. (He didn't respect his constitution)

5- A court verdict has repealed the law of the parliament election that Morsi’s political party and his allies tried to pass forcibly and which Morsi approved, although the supreme court had rejected. (He didn't respect his constitution)

6-He claimed that he will implement the Sharea. However, he sought to get the International Bank loan. (He lied)

(Egyptians pray in Tahrir square) 

7-He engaged in fierce battles with most of the Egyptian institutions (The Egyptian armed forces, the ministry of interior (police), The judiciary, Al-Azhar (The biggest Islamic university in the world), The Egyptian church, The media …etc ) in order to weaken and control them by his party and allies.

8- He promised to avenge the Egyptian soldiers who were viciously murdered in Ramadan while they were breaking their fast by armed terrorists on Sinai’s borders and in spite of the fact that the Intelligence Agency has reported the names of those who committed this massacre, he didn't bring them to justice. (He betrayed the Egyptians)

9-Although the Ethiopian dam “The Renaissance” might cause the suffering of Egyptians from hunger and thirst in the future, Morsi wasn't concerned to solve this critical situation. (He risked the Egyptians’ life)

(Egyptian protester holding the Noble Quran and the Cross)

10-Although the Ethiopian dam and the Sinai Peninsula come on the top of Egypt priorities since they are related to the Egyptian national security, Morsi loosened the control of the Egyptian state over Sinai Peninsula and supported the existence of terrorist groups in it. Furthermore, Morsi’s poor management toward the Ethiopian dam crisis led to the animosity of the African countries. (His policies posed a threat to the Egyptian national security)

11-Morsi attempted to distract the Egyptian public opinion from criticizing his political and economic failures by declaring a fake war on the Syrian regime and the Shias.

12-Morsi failed to face Egypt’s economic crisis and he didn't adopt or implement a clear economic plan to overcome the crisis. Moreover, his bad policies were responsible for the decline of the Egyptian economy.

13- Morsi’s bad polices made Egyptians suffer greatly starting with power outage that would last up to 10 hours daily passing by water shortage (in the country of the Nile river), fuel crisis and the permanent bread crisis and many more.

(Tahrir square)


-Egyptians had elected Morsi and brought him to power in a democratic way. However, Morsi tried to take over all the power so he himself could become another dictator.

-Morsi failed to solve the economic crisis and he caused many political and economic crises.

- Morsi abandoned the revolution’s goals “Bread … Freedom … Social justice” that brought him to power, and worked against them.

-Egyptians elected Morsi because he promised to respect the constitution and the law. Furthermore, he promised to achieve the revolution’s goals and implement an urgent economic reform but he broke his promises and by doing that he broke the terms of the contract. Therefore it was the turn of Egyptians to break it too and oust him.

(Tahrir square)

(Ithadia presidential palace)                                         (Tahrir square)

(Sidi Gaber)                                     (Al-Kurnish)

(Al-Mansoura)                                   (Al-Zagazig)

(The Egyptian army celebrates wit the Egyptians)

Special thanks to (Zain, Mr.Mohammed and Vanessa)

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Why have I got banned? (part2)

I know that who will read the title of the blog  will wonder if I’m gonna write a series of “Why have I got banned?” … lol … I’m just kidding .  I also assure it is the last part :)


But why am I writing this one?

As I shared with you “EC members” my problem and my wondering,  I think you have the right to know what happened after that.  And what were the reasons that got me banned.


 Let me first tell a brief of my previous blog:

-A few days ago, I was shocked to find myself got banned.  I tried to contact EC staff to ask them about the reason but I realized that I was banned permanently. So, I create another account from my 2nd pc and started to contact them.

-In my previous blog I mentioned that I didn’t remember any remarkable thing except a long discussion between me and another member the day before getting banned.


What happened after that? 

I started to contact EC staff.

 I sent to Mods and they responded that they didn’t report me . In addition, they can suspend members but not banning them at once. And that I have to contact the admins.


At first I sent to Ms.Tara telling her about my problem. She sent back asking if I were banned, How I sent to her? ....  I replied to her and at the meanwhile I sent to Mr.Josef telling him about my problem.


Ms.Tara replied again by the following:

“Your account was reported for chat room behavior, but this is not why you were banned. After further investigation, I learned that admin banned you because your profile page was incomplete and inappropriate. Please check to make sure your new profile is complete, or it could happen again.”


Mr.Josef replied as well by sending me the rules link ….

Here it is, if someone needs it.



I was confused … what is the meaning of incomplete and inappropriate?!!!


I also have to mention that I asked my friends and mods’ about my profile and they advised me to add a few things and I did. I don’t have any intention to break the rules so before punishing me you have to warn me.  


I sent back to them asking for further explanation about “incomplete” and “inappropriate” in my case.


Only Mr.Josef answered me by the following:

“Your profile looks ok now. I think you know what was wrong because you changed it after you joined for the second time.”


This is the whole story.

Back to my question … Why have I got banned?


“I learned that the admin banned you because your profile page was incomplete and inappropriate” Ms.Tara answered


I’m still wondering …


How it was incomplete, if my account was approved by admins when I joined EC.

 Furthermore, I was an active chatter in the main chat room and no one from EC staff (spambusters, Mods, Admins) warned me that I had incomplete profile.


How it was inappropriate, if I didn’t use indecent pics or words in my profile.

I really don’t have a clue.


The period I spent in EC I did my best to follow the rules, be polite and friendly. So, at least you have to warn me one time before you ban me completely.


I think all EC members deserve to be warned one time before getting banned.

This is my suggestion and this is my wish.


I finished telling my story. You can judge me if I’m right or wrong. And thanks for giving me your time reading it and I apologize if I bored you.


Alright guys, I know that all of you wish that I get banned again before I write “why have I got banned ? (part3) “   …  just kidding ... lol :)


Seriously, as I mentioned before, EC members … YOU are AMAZING …. And  you are the real treasure. And I have to admit that I enjoyed every sec. I spent in EC.


Wish you the best of luck.




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Why have I got banned?

First of all I want to express my happiness and pleasure for the period I spent in EC.

EC is a great community with lots of advantages. But the most wonderful thing about EC is the people I met and the friends I had. Wooow, what amazing friends they are !!!

Each one of them has a unique personality that makes him special.

The wise … the smart … the kind … the good … the polite … the funny … the cheerful …the strong … and many more. Each one of them is special on his own way.


Back to my question .. why did I get banned ?    Honestly, I don't have a clue.

Four days ago, when I tried to log into EC I found a message telling me that I got suspended, I was in shock. I wasn't sure whether I got suspended for a couple of days or I got banned completely. Yesterday, my friend assured that I got banned completely.


But what happened the day before I got banned?

I don't remember any remarkable thing except a long discussion I got involved in with a member called "cheetah". The discussion was about " Is it a good idea to talk about political and religious topics in the main chat room ?". I mentioned my opinion that these two topics always cause many fights and arguments while cheetah's opinion was these topics are very interesting topics to talk about.


After that he mentioned that none of these three religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism denounced slavery. I respect everyone's opinion but, why does he always mention that in front of Muslims? He did that many times before, with me and my friends.

He always says these words and mentions a verse from Quran to prove his point of view.  He succeeded many times to get me and my friends involved in this discussion.


My question is .. what would you do if you were me ? 

I think you will have three options:

1- You will report him. But will he get banned for saying that? I don't think so, because it is part of freedom of speech to express your opinion.

2- Ignoring him. Will it make him stop doubting our beliefs every time he sees Muslims?

3- Discussing with him and proving your opinion.


I have to mention that we had argued about it before and after that I decided to choose the second option and  avoid talking about religion with him , but he didn't  stop repeating it.

Thus, I had to express my opinion, as he did, and defend my beliefs.


We got involved in a long discussion and I mentioned many verses from Quran as he always does. I mentioned lots of details I have to admit that a certain detail was inappropriate to be mentioned in the main chat room. However, this certain detail was mentioned before in our first discussion. In the end he told me that he is not convinced. On my side I told him "that is your opinion and this is mine."

The next day I got banned.

Now, I have a few wonderings :

-If I got banned because the above discussion, is it fair to get banned alone?

-If I got banned for another reason, Isn't it  fair to know what I did before getting banned?


Guys, all of us in EC have many blogs, pics, videos, friends and lots of  memories  and stories. So, could you imagine losing all of these  suddenly  without even knowing the reason?


Guys, don't you agree with me that we should be warned and get gradual punishments before we get banned completely and lose all of our stuff, effort and time we spent in EC?


At last, I want to say that the worst loss is losing precious friends like the ones I got in EC. You are great guys and I want to thank every and each one of you.

Keep it up !!!

Wish you the best of luck !!!


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