This  group is opened to all people who want to know about Yemen like its culture, civilization, location etc.

People, all of you are welcome to join this group, giving your views, asking about things you want to know ... and with time a lot of things will be added to this group or updated.

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  • When the government supported Iraq during the Gulf crisis, thousands of expatriate workers in Mid-East countries were sent home, cutting off one of the country's main sources of foreign currency.
    Tourist dollars were the easiest and fastest way to replace the lost income. So, with the end of the Gulf War came the beginning of tourism and though the infrastructure for tourism is not well developed, the attractions are clear.2390194180?profile=original

  • The walls of medieval Sana'a at Market Gate. Sana'a is the capital of North Yemen. North Yemen is an almost perfect picture of medieval Arab life. It has a long history, buildings are ancient, unique and spectacular, the people are fierce but friendly and social habits are curious. But until a few years ago tourists were not allowed to travel in this extraordinary country.2390192879?profile=original

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  • my thank to any person who create this group and iwant particepate in any topic to serve my country .

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what comes in pririoty , if you think is true ?

As learners for English language , we need to know what helps fast in improving English fast . In others wrods , we want to come to the truth that really hepls in developing English as quickly as we can ,which means practicing listening more than reading for example or the other English skills ? Native speakers, hope find the right advice

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