• Thx 4 your comment it's so nice from you.Here we are love football too men ,woman & kids it's like amagic here .Tomorrow we have Match with El-Gazaier we hope the better to Egypt.
    Youcan go many places & we have more industries in Egypt and the important it's Food we can do best foods here & our Specials it's it's relly Special.
  • Hi dear Eso,
    There r a lot of activities like sport & industry in my country.But football is the favorite sport 4 most of the people esp. 4 men.Of coures other sports like fighting sport as karate,....r so important in Iran.
    As u know,we have a lot of places to go. 4 traveling like Esfahan , Shiraz,Yazd,Tabriz,mashad,
    most of the cities in north & south of Iran which r coastal cities & many other places which if I say those,takes the time.
    We have some agricultural products like pistachio,persimmon,pomegranate,....& also we export them.
    We have car industry & oil industry,...
    Ur question is too general & my time is so limit.
    Tnx 4 ur discussion & have a great time!
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