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  •   Yes you are right. It refers to an action that ended in the past.

  • Hi Dears,

    I would like to know which of these 2 senteces are grammaticly correct:

    I was shopping yesteday, or I went to a shop yesterday ??

    I think the second one is corect because it was an action in the past that ended. Am I correct? Thanks

  • This is such a great group. I just like to let you know that there are a lot of open ESL skype teacher jobs at if you want to.

  • Hey colleagues !

    I`m a novice teacher , and next week I`m gonna teach for the first time.

    Can you recommend me some relia or instruments/methods or sth in this case so that my teaching will be desirable???

    I`m looking forward your suggestions.



  • Hello There, This is Rajib. For improving fluency if you want to practice with me just add me . My Skype ID is : monjurajib

  • I am a new member here .Now in my community we start a Speaking Club and need friend to share some information .or introduce some people to visit us .we have simple free accommodation .and vegetarian food prepare for you .(organic food )

  • Dear Abdu Gooba, thank you for comment. But be aware about spelling and sentence..

  • i teaching is one of the noblest jobs in the is teachers who make thegood .good generations therefore,teachers have to have many skills to enable them to teach thier learners well.

  • First I offer many thanks to all.Actually I am learning such group. I am a lecturer in English. So I think it will helps to share our views and opinions. So please give comment. Am I right?

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