Useful links for newbies

"Newbie" is slang for someone who is new (not experienced) at something or someone who is new to a group.

Anjana suggested we create a list of links that are useful for newbies. That way, when we welcome new members we can direct them to this page. This was a great idea! Please help me by adding more helpful MyEC links in the comments.

MyEC User Guide


MyEC Chat:

How to Get the most out of MyEC:

MyEC Help Forum:

Advanced Search for Members:

A list of Groups to Join:

Tips for Writing Blogs:

Blog Topic Ideas:

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  • I'd like to ask If I can add the links to my blogs about idioms as i do think they are very usefull for all learenrs.

  • wow great :) I like to welcome new people but never knew what links to post :) now I will know :) Thanks 

  • Sorry for the super-link mistake. Tara's page is here.
This reply was deleted.