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Dear Friends, 

I have set a new rule for Skypers Group that says "You must be a member of MyEC to Join us on Skype!" 

SKYPERS Group is always on top of the list of uncle Google when people search for an English Partner or Group. That's why I receive a

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Ideas for Welcoming new Members

Here are a few ideas. Please add your own in the comments:1. Each time you log on to MyEC go to the MyEC Members page. Welcome at least one new member. Say hello. Introduce yourself. You can do this on a new member's wall or in a friend request messa

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Wish Members a Happy Birthday

On the main page of MyEC you will see all of the members who are having a birthday today. Why not make it your MyEC Mission to wish one person a happy birthday each day?Here is an example message:Dear...Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day

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Useful links for newbies

"Newbie" is slang for someone who is new (not experienced) at something or someone who is new to a group.

Anjana suggested we create a list of links that are useful for newbies. That way, when we welcome new members we can direct them to this page.

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