This is an online class that I host on Wednesdays. One or two days before, I post an assignment for the class, in order to give everyone enough time to prepare and feel more comfortable to participate in the class. In the forum, you will find a discussion that contains three options to reach me in case you want to join the class. You will need to be a member to see the discussion.

I believe we are all learners of English and that we can support one another. I also believe in good karma and that is why I decided to teach once a week for free.

You are welcome to join us!

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  • Hi, please add me
    • Hi Amira, no priblem, can you share a Skype ID? You can find a link to my profile in a post called "Three ways to reach me" ornsomething like that....
  • Hi, I'm yoga from Indonesia, may I join the Skype Group?
    • Hi Yoga! Of course you can join the group and the class. Leave your ID here and I will add you. Thanks a lot for your interest!
    • My Skype ID is yogakumboro, please add me to the skype group, thanks
  • How can I meet you in Skype every Wednesday
    • Find me on Skype, there is a post that says Three ways to reach me"
  • Hi every one . Do you meet together every Wednesday?
    • Yes, we do
  • Thank you to add me in this group
    Ihope we benefit by practice conversation in different topics
    MyId Skype: sadeq.alodini1
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Three easy ways to join the Weekly Session

Hi!I would like to offer three easy ways to reach me in case you want to join the class.The first one, just click on my name below and you will find me in Skype.Teacher PilarThe second one, in case you do not use Skype, you can send me a message here in the group, they reach me almost immediately and I answer as often as I can.The third option is to leave your Skype ID for me to add you to my list of contacts.I hope this helps!

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