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Real love

Dear friends,

     By initiating this group we want to first describe what real love is and after understanding the exact meaning of this magic word we want to know about its different types and second we would like to come to this conclusion that if it is necessary for our life, for our small world to live on it in peace.

     Hereby, I want to give you two instances and ask your opinion regarding them. Please tell us which one of these two examples shows real or unconditional love and which one doesn’t and as whole you can leave your own valuable comments concerning love:

     You yourselves clearly know since our knowledge is not complete it may happen that we do wrong things or do things in an inappropriate form. Consider this situation that you, as a naughty child, do something wrong and harmful and your kind mother doesn’t say anything to you because we think she is very kind and loves us very much but you father, as a strong and cruel man, mentions you the consequences of your action. Now, think about the reaction of your parents regarding your mistake and tell us which one of them really loves you.

Looking forward to reading your precious comments.

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  • I guess parents (and sorry to add - pets)...are the only beings who love unconditionally. No matter who or what you are or what you do. This is as Amal said long time ago MUST HAVE. All the other shades of love can be understood and interpreted differently depending on the people's education, development, state of mind etc. Long topic to discuss....But to cut the story short: Life is love. Every single creataure has it...not every knows it )))
  • Love is must-have. Every family has to show the kids love, passion because it is the basis for the unbringing of the children .I believe that without love each other as we will love with body not soul.
    Love can be seen in other way ; as such love between man and woman which I think wrong If it comes suddenly because it will also ends suddenly.

    And as we all know ,the love of Allah is the best love ever .

    I hope you got my point
  • Nice discussions, but we should avoid extremism.

    Neither a mother is so soft that she would leave her child free to do what he/she wants, right or wrong. No, this is not the case, on the contrary a mother is the first to mend her child's error, which father may overlook it.

    My experience is this that you do listen to your kids what they want to say, what they want to express, no matter how silly thing they would talk, just listen to them. Not only listen, but also make them feel that you are listening, you are attentive. If you do not do so, or scold them or stop them talking foolish, it is possible they will seek someone else outside to listen to them, then the real problem will start.

  • In this world the the first thing human beings love in the first placer is himself. Then mother's love is the second one which have no comparable. Even if any kind of  huge mistake could be done by  her baby she is the one able to forgive it.Father's are more strict and able to make a decision to cut a relationship with his son/doughtier in some cases. mother is the one who loves her son/doughter since he was conceived ,born, grow up ,studied, married bing an old man and died.

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