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  • Great invite by Nadira, have been missing all this fun learning! Thanks.

  • Hi Friends. I'm new to this group so could you help me to improve my English through this group.. Thank you..

  • how can i make virtual class

  • hey guys,would u help me how can i promote my english information here? i'll appreciate

  • Hello dear Masoud,

    we have lessons here in FORUM section and you can go through them anytime and ask any of your questions regarding the topic if you have, and solve/study lessons. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any question. Have great time! :)

  • Hello dear Anderstood,

    First of all, most welcome to MyEC! Glad to see you! Well, you'll find very helpful lessons given here by some of our EC teachers, and MyEC will help you improve all your English skills. If you have any question don't hesitate to ask moderators, they all are very helpful learners and teachers.

    Have great time! :)

  • Hello everyone, I'm a new EC member and a beginner in English. I'm eager to improve my skills in this language here. I'm from the Carribean.

    How does this group work ? How to meet people ?

    Hope having nice fun and useful learning here. 

    See you soon!

    Sunny greetings!

  • Welcome Manuel !

    You can read many discussions here in this group and share your comments and if you have any questions ,don't hesitate to ask ! 

    Best wishes !

  • Hello everyone Iam new Lerner nice to meet you
  • My dear friend, Hala

    Thxxx 4 ur consideration, here should be a great group with great active members like u...

    Thxxxxxx again

    Wish u the best

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Learn English perfect manner

I Introduce A Website It Is Awesome And Fantastic Website To Develop Your English Ability.IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE WEBSITE .Which  Is Consist English Grammar Pictures, English Grammar Videos, English Quotes, The Secret To Success In English Language, Tips And Trick To Improve Your English Ability And Best Website To Enhance Your English Language And More. It Is My Own Website And I Really Happy To Share My Experience .I Have Just Created For ESL (English As A Second Language) ,IELTS Students And…

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The Prepositions # 1

Although the best way to learn the correct use of prepositions  is by reading and practicing more exercises  ,but there are certain rules which are worth knowing.I think we should revise these rules from time to time to refresh our memories for the suitable use of the prepositions in our sentences .Why don't we share and revise these rules  ? Isn't better and less boring to work together on this grammatical topic?I will start the first discussion by :                                            …

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Ten Important Hints on Writing

1- Before writing anything make a short plan of your entire  composition ,using any help ( pictures -videos - quotes .....)2-Use only words and constructions with which you are familiar, or use  some help from  good dictionaries to look up the new words and how you can use them correctly in the context of your writing.3-Avoid flowery and pompous language .  The best writers of English  express themselves in simple and clear language .4-Avoid abbreviations. The place for these are in notes and…

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Let's Have Some Fun Here!

Are you tired after studying hard? Now, award yourself and let's play a fun game! The game is very simple. One person starts with a word, and the next person posts a word that relates to it. Must be something logical? No. Just follow each other and write a word relates the previous one. For example, if a person says "love" you can say "hate" or "darling" or "beloved" or "heart" etc. (One word - adjective or noun.) (You can participate as many times as you wish!)Ready?Starting word: Language

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