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  • Hello teacher Anele, very pleased to hear from you and yes, I would love to join your awesome class. I can't wait for it. Thank you so much in advance for the work you'll do for us. Lots of love :)

  • Hi, teacher Anele, intrested in yur virtual class, kindly brief how i get admission in yur class.
  • Peace be upon you Anele ,

     Thanks a lot for your nice invitation and really I'll do my best to follow all your lessons and gain high scores too .... Brilliant Idea for studying and I like challenge  :)

    Yours:Reliance KH 

  • Hello to all.
    very thanks, it is very important for learn english.

    Thnaks to Hala, Anele y Gabriel, is possible can study ant have one opportunity for learn English.


    Homero T. Chamba.

    Guayaquil-Ecuador-Latin America.

  • hiiiiiii... how're you all, guys... I miss being here... I hope I can catch up everything here. Wew, I feel like someone who had just been out of a very dark cave.
  • I will attend InshAllah

  • Halloween, Halloween!

    Creepy, crawly Halloween!

    It's October 31 today!

    Happy Halloween!

    This is the episode from the famous movie "Addams Family".

    They're creepy and they're kooky.

    Mysterious and spooky.

    They're all together ooky.

    The Addams Family.

    Their house is a museum

    Where people come to see 'em

    They really are a scream

    The Addams Family.

    (Neat) (Sweet) (Petite)

    So get a witches shawl on

    A broomstick you can crawl on

    We're going to pay a call on

    The Addams Family.

  • Hello, my dear members of the Virtual Classrom!

    Now it's the end of the first term in Russian schools. I feel so busy and tired. Don't know why I remembered that amazing music from the famous Russian film " My Sweet and Tender Beast" based on A. Chekhov's story "Drama at the Hunt".

    I've been  Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's fan since my youth, and I think of him as one of the best writers ever, in any languages. The novel "Drama at the Hunt" or "A Hunting Accident" that the film is based on is a pure Chekhov with so much humor, irony, sarcasm and tragedy. This movie is a very nice adaptation of Chekov's story. I enjoy the wedding waltz (by Evgeny Doga) from it.

  •  Hello my friends  :)

    It is nice to say some words about smile

     There are hundreds of languages in the     world, but a smile speaks all.


  • Hello my nice people :)

    i am very happy for being back here , but im confused from where i can only start this all !

    Smile is the shortest distance between 2 hearts <3 :) wish u smiley 

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Learn English perfect manner

I Introduce A Website It Is Awesome And Fantastic Website To Develop Your English Ability.IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE WEBSITE .Which  Is Consist English Grammar Pictures, English Grammar Videos, English Quotes, The Secret To Success In English Language, Tips And Trick To Improve Your English Ability And Best Website To Enhance Your English Language And More. It Is My Own Website And I Really Happy To Share My Experience .I Have Just Created For ESL (English As A Second Language) ,IELTS Students And…

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The Prepositions # 1

Although the best way to learn the correct use of prepositions  is by reading and practicing more exercises  ,but there are certain rules which are worth knowing.I think we should revise these rules from time to time to refresh our memories for the suitable use of the prepositions in our sentences .Why don't we share and revise these rules  ? Isn't better and less boring to work together on this grammatical topic?I will start the first discussion by :                                            …

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Ten Important Hints on Writing

1- Before writing anything make a short plan of your entire  composition ,using any help ( pictures -videos - quotes .....)2-Use only words and constructions with which you are familiar, or use  some help from  good dictionaries to look up the new words and how you can use them correctly in the context of your writing.3-Avoid flowery and pompous language .  The best writers of English  express themselves in simple and clear language .4-Avoid abbreviations. The place for these are in notes and…

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Let's Have Some Fun Here!

Are you tired after studying hard? Now, award yourself and let's play a fun game! The game is very simple. One person starts with a word, and the next person posts a word that relates to it. Must be something logical? No. Just follow each other and write a word relates the previous one. For example, if a person says "love" you can say "hate" or "darling" or "beloved" or "heart" etc. (One word - adjective or noun.) (You can participate as many times as you wish!)Ready?Starting word: Language

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