The Tenses of The Verbs-7- The Future Tense

English language  has several forms for expressing ideas about the future.I will talk here about the simple future and the difference between using will and going to .

1- Will + infinitive without to

We use will:

A- To express predictions based on opinions or beliefs:

  -This movie will win several awards.

   -He will be a famous star .

B- To express a sudden decision made at the moment of speaking:

  - I will translate the email,so you can read it.

  - I think I will buy a new dictionary.

C- To express fixed intentions or promises:

 -I will always be your friend.

 - I will call you when I arrive.

D- To make a request or an offer:

  - Will you hold on a minute?

  - Will you make dinner?

 2- Be (is /are) +going to + infinitive without to :

We use this form to:

A- Make a prediction about a future event because of something we observe now:

   -Look at the sky! It's going to rain.

   -He is going to meet her this evening.

B-Express an intention to do something:

  - I'm going to buy a new mobile phone.

  -They are going to spend their vacation in Italy.

 Important :

We use the present continuous to talk about future events that we have fixed or arranged:

   - We are staying here until the end of the month.

We use the simple present to talk about future events or timetables which can't be changed:

  - The meeting begins at 9 tomorrow morning.

  - The exam starts next Monday .

Questions and Negatives :

 - The weather will not ( won't)be snowy tomorrow.

 - When will the plane arrive?

 -She is not going to invite him to the party.

 -Who are you going to invite to the party?


No Future in Time Clauses :The simple future can not be used in clauses begins with time expressions such as: when , while , before ,after,as soon as ...instead of simple future ,we use simple present :

  - When you will arrive tonight ,we will go out for dinner.

   - He will send a message as soon as he will reads mine .

Exercise- 1-

Give three sentences using the simple future tense using ( will or going to)

Exercise -2-

Rewrite these two sentences in the negative forms "not":

1- Those trees will be cut down next week.

2-I'm going to leave for England on Sunday.


Thank you for reading and participating in my discussions ,I have just focused on some tenses of the verbs in a clear way as much as I can . I hope you can find them useful and helpful .

 -Best Wishes-


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  • Hi Hala,

    Very simple and clear explanations !

    Thanks for leading,

    • Thank you Selma for dropping by ! I aappreciate it .

  • Exercise 1

    * I will learn the English language correctly.

    * Don't worry, I will help you out to learn English everyday.

    * I am going to study hard grammar, speaking and listening lessons of English.

    Exercise 2

    * Those trees will not (won't) be cut down next week.

    *I'm not going to leave for England on Sunday.

  • thank you dear , I will be thankful , if you take a look on my sentences .I am going to wait your correction patiently .surely it will be so nice to see my marks.

    Exercise- 1-
    I am going to complete my studies next year.
    I will be a teacher.
    You will give me a gift.
    Exercise -2-
    1-. Those trees won’t be cut down next week
    2- I am not going to leave England on Sunday .

  • PERFECT!  Good job Lolo-yaya!

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    • 2-  I'm no going to leave for England on Sunday.  (It should be.........

            I'm not going to leave for England on Sunday.  )  Be careful always!

  • Exercise - 1-

    1. I am going to visit my friends tomorrow.

    2. Teacher Anele will start a new lesson on EC Virtual Classroom soon.

    3. Teacher Gabriel Sowrian is going to post his next lesson on July 29, 2012.

    Exercise -2-

    1. Those trees won't be cut down next week.

    2. I'm not going to leave for England on Sunday.

    • PERFECT!  Wonderful...

    • uh..uh!  The director and the founder is reminding me of my promise....hahaha!  I have to burn my eyebrows to prepare them...........oh GOSHHHHH!  I am panicking already...hahaha!

    • Lol...Of course.

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