The present continuous tense


We use the present continuous "progressive" tense :

  1-To talk about activities that are going at the time of speaking:

       -My friend is waiting for me ,I have to go now .

       - Look! It is raining.

   2-To talk about activities that happen regularly but for a limited period of time 

    " Temporary action":                                                                                  

         - I'm learning to drive .

         -He is writing an article .

  3-To talk about future events that we have already fixed or arranged:

        -We are flying to Canada tomorrow ." we have got the tickets"

       -He is taking examination next week. " Fixed time"


Present form of" Be" am - is - are +


  We can use the following time adverbials with the present continuous:

  now - at the moment - at present...etc.


    Difference Between Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense  : 

 The tense we use depends on how we see the state or action.

  - I read British newspapers.  " I regularly do it ...routine"

  - I'm reading a British newspaper. " I'm doing it at the moment"

  So we use the simple present to talk about things which are permanent or long -lasting ,and we use the present continuous to talk about things which are temporary or limited in time.

           Exercise - A-

 Choose the correct tense of the verb between brackets :

 1- At present , many scientists ( are looking  -  look ) for forms of life beyond the Earth.

 2- He usually ( is driving  -  drives ) very carefully ,but today he ( drives  -  is driving ) fast.

3- She ( learns  -   is learning ) Russian now .

4-Excuse me ,you ( sit   -  are sitting ) in my seat.

 5- George (  is listening  -   listens  ) to the radio ,so don't disturb him.

         Exercise-  B -

 Give only two sentences using the present continuonus tense in Negative " not" and two in Question forms.

 Waiting for your answers as comments

  Thank you all

 - Hala -


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    • @ Myth :

      Yes you are giving right answers :)

      Thank you for sharing ! 

  • Dear my teacher,

    Exercise - A-

     Choose the correct tense of the verb between brackets :

     1- At present , many scientists are looking for forms of life beyond the Earth.

     2- He usually drives very carefully ,but today he is driving ) fast.

    3- She is learning Russian now .

    4-Excuse me ,you are sitting in my seat.

     5- George is listening  to the radio ,so don't disturb him.

             Exercise-  B -


    1. He isn't going out now.

    2. I am not working at the moment.


    1. What are you doing Helen?

    2. Is Mr. Jack our new teacher?

    Best wishes.


    • @ Scarlett:

      Perfect answers ! Thank you.

  • Exercise A:

    1. are looking; 2. drives, is driving; 3. is learning; 4. are sitting; 5. is listening

    Negative sentences:

    1. I am not singing now

    2. He isn't jokking me, he says the truth that I am a naugthy girl

    Question sentences:

    1. What are you talking about?

    2. Who are you smilling? You smile like seeing a prince


    • @ Anau:

      EXercise A: correct

      Exercise B:


       2- He isn't joking with me ....


      2- Whom are you smiling to? To who are you smiling?

       Thank you for sharing !


  • Hi dear teacher Hala :)    

    Exercise - A-

     Choose the correct tense of the verb between brackets :

     1- At present , many scientists ( are looking  -  look ) for forms of life beyond the Earth.

     2- He usually ( is driving  -  drives ) very carefully ,but today he ( drives  -  is driving ) fast.

    3- She ( learns  -   is learning ) Russian now .

    4-Excuse me ,you ( sit   -  are sitting ) in my seat.

     5- George (  is listening  -   listens  ) to the radio ,so don't disturb him.


    Exercise-  B –




     . I am not  looking to my key but i found my ring

     .I am not playing chess 


    In Questions:

    ?are you looking to your Kay

    do you playing chess,  now?

    • @ bluerose:

      Exercise -A- Correct

      Exercise -B-


      1- I am not looking for my key ,but I find my ring.

      2- correct.


      1- Are you looking for your key?

      2- Are you playing chess now?

       Thank you for sharing dear ...wish you all the best .

  • Lolo-yaya, you missed writing the second answer to no. 2 in Exercise A.

    Negative: 1- My two kids aren't sleeping now so, they are moving my home up and down. going up and down the house.  (or roaming around the house)  

    moving my home up and down sounds like they are carrying your house up and down to a certain place.

    The rest are correct!

  • All are correct except your sentence no. 2 which is not a negative sentence....

     I am not going to come back here tomorrow.

  • Thank you Faris..........that's indeed an additional information.  I hope the learners will remember them.  I hope you will continue your support to this group in the future lessons.  We need people like you who are willing to help for the welfare of the learners.  In behalf of  the EC Virtual Classroom ....really thanks!

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