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This discussion is specified for Robbie, the creator of Bloggers Group in MyEC. We are going to ask him some questions about the video bellow that he created it to give learners some tips about how to learn English through blogging, so let's start!



Learning English through Blogging

Created and Added by Robbie

PS: You can ask Robbie too, just reply all separately,

Thank you!


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  • Thank you, Cold Moon, Grace, and Beto Pizzotti for liking this interview! I'm still overwhelmed by Camelia's hard work and enthusiasm in making this activity possible. : )

  • Hi Camelia,

      I already answered your questions below. Thank you very much for the idea. I appreciate your effort in coming up with the great discussion. I hope you'll found this useful. And see you more here. I'm curious to see or hear your real voice. Have a great weekend! : )



    • Hi Robbie!

      Thank you a bunch! I really value all of those answers, your writing is fabulous! I hope that everyone read this discussion would benefit!

      I wish you're preparing to create new videos, and If God wanted, I'll make an Audio Interview with you about them, so it would be very amazing, I imagine!

      Thank you again!

    • I hope so! I'll let you know since I'm quite busy. Please join us in Bloggers group! : )

      Congratulations! Your discussion was featured! : )

    • Yes, I could like to, with all pleasure!

      Congratulations to you too, and to all MyEC members! :)

  • Tell us in short lines how did you become skilled in writing blogs.

    • My simple quote to live by. Practice makes perfect! I'm still learning, though. : )

  • Do you have any Tips for learners to ameliorate their English speaking ?

    • Aside from what I mentioned on the comments above, we can improve speaking by emulating the way fluent or native English speakers utter the words. Check out our videos under pronunciation. There you can find plenty of videos useful to practice speaking. Watching English movie is a big help, too. If it has a subtitle, that would be great! : )

  • Your best way of improving your writing skills is blogging as it seems, what is the best way for you to improve your speaking skills?

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