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  • Hello There, This is Rajib. For improving fluency if you want to practice with me just add me . My Skype ID is : monjurajib


        Take the light!It's time 

        To live  alone  now

        That's  enough  the fraud of life

        Every   effort  an  enemy

        For  my last   battle

        Take  the light! It's  the time!

        I  want it all  mine.

        It's  the  moment  to  sleep.

        Take the light! It  torments me.....

        It  refuses  my  soul......

  • You  are  my  soul

    You're  my soul  the  girl who's burned  out 

    anytime  by  a  bitter  love

    who  has  been  forgotten  looking  back to the past

    and in this  way  it remains

    All  alone as they  abandon you

    The   world ,the weather one more  you'll  be  dead

    If the dead didn't  have the tranquillity.


    "You're  asking  what  I  see in  your glance and if  I  understand you

    every night in my cage I'm  closed you'll be like  a memory

    and if  I'm  tamed one day  stay  by me in fear and in hope

    in every insidious life's trap

    I lived and saw days of galley

    and  sudden  death lonliness

    I'm  empty that's  why   I  gave  you  love so generously and uselessly  and one more time in  your  glance I  was trapped"

  •   It's  a story   about  a  man who wanted  to send a lot of papers  by  air  mail to a friend in another country. He put them all in a big  envelope and took it to the  post- office.

     The  clerk at  the post  office told him that  he will  pay  a lot of  money.He  gave two one-pound notes. The clerk didn't have stamps for this  money but of  smaller  value.So  he gave him  a lot  of  stamps and put  them all  on the  envelope. Then he wanted to post it . The  clerk  said  that  it  was heavier  now and he had to pay more. "How   much more?" asked  Fender

    "Please  wait  a minute.  I'll  find  out......"


         The great happiness in life is to learn to love and be loved. Love is life. If you lost  it's  like  losing life.0520_nice-thoughts.jpg 

  •      It's   a  part  of a song  about the way  we  see things and if they are not nice to find a way to change them  according to our attitude towards them.

         A  Bright  tomorrow

       Painting  a bright  tomorrow begins here today

       I  get to choose the colours, I get to have my say

    By now I think today.

    I  can think in the very best way

    I  get  to choose  every day

       My mind is like a brush , I  paint with each thought

       If  I  don't like the way things look, I  look at the paints I brought  and think a different way

    I  can  think in the  very best way 

    I  get to choose every day.

  • Thanks Nadira for the invitation...

  • thanks nadira
  • Thak you dear Nadira for the invitation :).......good luck!!
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