In this group, we choose a TOPIC from members' suggestions BIWEEKLY. Here, we WRITE "blog series" around the topic; we READ "native" articles and share them; we DISCUSS the topic and more. Enjoy the learning progress and the rich and colorful world!
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Welcome to "Biweekly Topic" Group!

If we focus on one topic for a given time, try to write something about that topic, read others' articles and share native articles about that topic, come back here discussing the questions such as which article you like best, what is the next topic etc. Writing + Reading + Discussion maybe more helpful for improving our English. :)

And I advise writing the article in your own blog section, so you and other people can trace your progress of English improvement, also more people will read it!

Current Activities:
#3 Life in My Country -- Sep 1 - 15, participate it now!
#4 Next Topic Suggestion and Poll -- Topic will be launched in Sep 16.

Old Topics.
All topics remain open forever, you can try it at anytime.
#0 Education in your country.
#0 My Adventure in MYEC.
#1 Internet Addiction.
#2 My Favorite Movies.

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  • What a nice group. I really like it. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you reiziuh for creating this gruop, it sounds useful.

  • Hi reiziuh,
    I've posted my blog#0Adventure in MyEC. here is the link:
    N. Yankovskaya.Adventure in MyEC
  • Hi reiziuh,
    Your first two topics( 0,1) are very interesting. Good of you! Thanks.
  • Amazing idea for a group! I am so happy that you have taken on this little job. You are helping make MyEC an amazing place to practise English, Reiziuh. I'm sure you will inspire many others. Sometimes it takes a while, but eventually it will catch on and grow. Stick with this idea and make it happen! Looking forward to August 1...
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