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Iran→The only country which speaks Persian

I would like to stress that if you come Iran once you will like to visit Iran again and again because not only it has a lot of beautiful ,amazing , exciting and historical places to visit but also you can enjoy the weather which inclouds four seasons at each time in different cities . On the other hand variety in cultur , costum and custom makes you to have difficult choices in your shopping , beside Iranian people are so hospitable , generous ,kind and warm-blooded and I bet if you meet them you will be into them .

As the another point about Iran I hint at the languages that people speak .I said in Iran people speak Persian but as the matter of fact I must say the main language is Persian ,in the even that, there is another languages such kurdish , Turkish, Arabic , … which each one has resided in different areas of Iran llike north , east, west and south of Iran .In spite of these languages people speak with different accents that you can recognize where each one is from.

And as the latest topic to talk about I would like to refer to the religion in Iran.The main religion in Iran is ISLAM but as same as language you can find another believes that thay have been come from another places.Despite the difference in these believes people are living together with no problem , no conflict and no offense .The main thing which shows Iranian are different in view point of life , behavior, music,food and etc is ISLAM.We don’t eat anything and we don’t drink anything.

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