I have watched the "Thoughts Programme" of a young Saudi man on the AL-Ressalah Channel. It talks about Arab and Muslim scientists. I liked the idea very much and wanted to have a group discussion about those great people.
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  • Hi Rose, 

    I want to thank you for creating this group.

    please accept my appreciation.

  • Hi Islam Golden

    welcome of you in  my group ..

    Thank you for this nice link..

    It's amazing

    Hope there is another subject to share here

    Wish you the best ..

    Have a nice time.


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cie_SFIh-vs

    here is one of "thoughts Program".

    and he is discussing the idea of ​​finding solutions and this was inspired by the Turkish experience

    Really amazing program

  • Hi Xiao Yu
    Thank u for ur interest
    I will add a new subject soon inshallah
    I was busy
    sorry for that .
  • No ... new ... activities ... :(
  • Hi rose,
    I'm fine.

    Have a gud time, all !
  • Hi Xiao
    we are fine
    How about u ?
    Thank you for passing here
  • Hi everyone,
    How r u today ?

    Xiao Yu
  • Hello Undercover..
    You are welcome here my friend..
    your lines are appreciated..you are right ..most of people didn't read any piece of paper...we should encourage each other to read and learn ..
    We are waiting your lines Undercover
    Thank you .
  • Farid iam so happy to see you here
    you are always welcome ...
    Thank you Farid for your nice comment
    but iam waiting your participation ..are you ready to write about any good idea or about any Scientists of Arabs and Muslims ok?
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