Dear fellow learners you are all welcome to the group Think in English Talk in English. The purpose of this group is to encourage all of you to get a fluency and commanding power in English. A non-native English speaker has a tendency that he or she normally thinks in their own Language and then translates into English. It is a wrong method and it takes double duration rather than the original duration of Think and Talk in English. Here arises a problem that they have lack of spontaneity in English speaking and they stumble down due to grammar conscious on the construction of a sentence. To overcome this oral blockade one must practice to think only in English and talk with this same Language. Best wishes

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  • I also think so Shanmu!

  • Thanks for creating this group.

  •  Thanks for the creation of this group. I heard that before, we should think and talk in the language we are learning in order to get sucess. Thanks for accepting me in this group, i wish good luck for everybody hear. Best regards.

  •    Dear Stephen A.

                              Thank you for your commends. Do you wish another topic regarding how to handle English brilliantly? then wait just two I will let you know what the new topic I am going to place to. It's too informative for a non- native English speaker.

    Best regards,


  • Can't wait for your future post Mr. Vijay. This is really true. Make sentence by translating the words one by one, will only make the sentence awkward and not natural.
  • i am agree with you vijay.but, how can we do this?

  • Thank you for inviting me to join in your lovely group, Vijay! Wishing you success in managing this group! Cheers!

  • i am feeling to pleased be a member of mr. Vijay P Nair's group. i think situation can make us learn, in term how to think in enlish, i hope we may discuss here as mr. vijay made a situation before and asked about our view. it would be great opportunity to view given ideas by all members here. that's how we can be more familiar wid d vocabulary used perfectly where required. i think so

  •  For All the EC Members,

                                   This idea is not a new one,which was not invented by me. If you have common sense you can observe that a native speaker of any language including English, thinks simultaneously  in his or her own Language while he or she speaks. Likewise everyone can practice to think in English while one tries to speak in English. At the primary stage one may have to face difficulty but later on his or her  thought process should be changed into English. Don't think that it is impossible but believe in yourself. No other way to get a fluency in English without hesitation. You people don't bother about grammar, which automatically will be built in you after a prolong practice of English speaking. Use all opportunities to speak in English whenever or wherever possible.Then only you will get a confidence and your  thought process should become in English.



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