Tak, one of the best rain. Um Phang town source of care is surrounded by mountains. Pristine forests, waterfalls, elephant rides, trekking, surfing and spectacular scenery and fresh air.

Fun, excitement and adventure travel swiftly to the river rock shelter in London. The rafting season here begins in the month of July of each year. Or during the rainy season. Distance routes, river rafting, rock shelters about 2.5 kilometers long, with five difficulty levels to challenge those who dare to try!

Visiting Petchaboon for the winter rainy season, especially from Nam Nao National Park. Excited with the pine forest, which spans more than 100 years with the highly valued 30-40 meters, numerous pine-lined against the green of the grass. With the icy weather, Nam Nao National Park. Lure tourists is to visit one of the rainy season. You need to enjoy

The program appeals to the rainy season. River rafting Kek. Eco-tourism activities. Phitsanulok province and fun and challenging because of the river, the river Kek requires expert skill level because of the higher difficulty levels 5 and above it all. Of rafting in the country. (White is a Member. See more about the trip).

Wang Nakhonnayok grass. Places the child heard the waterfall model, flower garden, you will. And a pool session and then. During the rainy season variety. To hit the whitewater rafting raft rubber ring or a challenge over the river. With the natural landscape of forests and mountains.

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