Last weekend , I went to Terminal 21 , the huge latest shopping mall , it is located near by Asok intersection .I enjoyed the decoration of well-known city streets in the world such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul etc. If you are in Terminal 21 , you may say the whole world is here .


When I walked there it seemed as if I walked on the famous market streets in the world because of the wonderful decorations . I was amazed by the long escalators which I had never seen before . This mall has the longest escalators in Thailand, up to 36 metres. 


There are a lot of beautiful things to buy and I felt that it was hard for me to pick a few of them because there were too many things .


My 2 friends and I , we shared a cup of ice cream which cost us 4.6 us dollars per 0.5 pint ^^ 



The weather is very hot in Bangkok ..

Have you ever been there ?:))


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  • OMG....What were happen? You are "out of pocket"..kekeke....I mean : your pocket is empty....

    Why you couldn't buy for me, Goshhhh....maybe I will spend all my money in there ..:)...

    Not yet come to your country...I wish, one day i can come ....., go to this mall and "" and one more thing...I can meet my "beautiful fiend"...

  • I have not gone there as yet, reading your article about it indeed makes me want to:)

  • yupa ..don't go alone I will go with you ... when you wanna go ... you tell me I will can show you more fun too 

  • Yupa , me too , I usually stay home . I did not know Terminal 21 until my friend told me .

    Fashion Island Promenade is going to open soon , it is near your office , Nawamin road !

    Promenade and Terminal 21 , both are similar .

    • Sarawan  you know What new shopping mall ? is Opposite four jun  hotel that I never go and now I can say Bangkok have a lot of shopping mall .....hmm 

    • Hmmm ..opposite Fortune Hotel , I don't know , either Sam ..

    • Now , I know it's Central Rama IX . My friend told me today :)

    • yes .. it also new ....but I would like to go some where like out door mall like Asiatique at charone kung or ย่านเจริญกรุง .... I also never go ปาลิโอ เขาใหญ่ wann go so much ..... Have you been paleO yet?


    • A few years ago , I went to Palio once but unfortunately I lost all beautiful pictures which were taken...

      I loved ice cream and iced milk green tea at Palio !

      I have a plan to go there again in next coming December :))

    • wow you been thire alrealy ..good and what kind of activity they have How long day you stay ...

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