Dear Tara,

There is a like set under any blogs, in groups page,... with which when a person press it, it shows the number of people who like that. and also under any profiles with , but why about profiles it is not recorded??! for example many likes your profile and choose that option, but we cannot see the number of them beside it! Is it my net problem?

 seems this option was not there. so let's ask it as a suggestion

1. like option

Is it possible: in members' page, under the profile or anywhere else, an option be added that shows the number and the name of people who like that page or its profile's character,...?

May support these items, it would be so great.

1. Avatar (for instance I have not meet a guy before, but as see his page by chance I like his shared photo)

2.character ( whose manner draws attentions )

3.page contents (like the part that sahar has showed, I go to a page and enjoy its contents, learning points and lessons which he has shared)

4.song ( if we could choose likable songs which a guy has shared like the videos and photos, it was nice. for example I like the second song of Sahar's page, but there is no like option to score it. :)

might in first sight these seems a bit ridiculous , but actually I believe they can be as a motivation, useful to encourage members to follow suits of site.

2. rearrange

_ My Friends' page: there are three ( recently added- alphabetical- random) , may it be possible to arrange friends  by closed one for example could see them in first pages or in the box of photo which located in My page

_ My photo: there are (latest. most popular. random),  how can I arrange them by their size or date of the picture which I know. for example I uploaded three pictures which are related to one subject, but I have downloaded them in different dates with other unrelated photos, but now I like to pick them  beside each others.

_ group members: there is an option of (manage group members) which shows the members by the date of join and it is an excellent point and I like it.

but in the box of group members in main body page of group (which shows 30 members of group) the arrange of members is changed by each new joined member.may creators have an option to be able to arrange members there.

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  • You are so smart Adlet!

  •   I also can not see them now, it must be uploaded.

    Let me upload them, please...

  • mobile version. Before I sing in EC ,I write member's name in members page, when the related page comes up, the page is not opened completely , at the top right corner; LIKE option is shown.when choose look desktop view; it's showed as it is by my computer and I cannot see this option as here.

    • It is mine!

      (My mobile in MYEC page)


      But I don't have that option!

      Please continue counting yourself!

      I will follow you :)

    • sahar jan,

      mine is this at start;2394226622?profile=originalit is at its right corner;where it shows like by a heart and now you have 35.2394226673?profile=originalthen I can choose desktop view2394226718?profile=originalwhich I can have the page the same as my pc;

      2394226862?profile=originalwhich is not shown like option ;2394226794?profile=original

    • I cannot see what I have posted here, hope I have posted them right. :)

  • Oh!
    Hello Adlet!
    Mahgol dear!
    The next case has come himself!
    Please count his likes :)
    • His like?

      there are two Adlet, one has no likes, the other has five likes. :)

      sahar jan, you do not have this option on your mobile? try it, it must be appear there.

  • Like is added here about 1 year ago otherwise Mr. Essberger would have as much as the members number like!
    Seems that you are going to be a like counter, Mahgol!
    please count my likes double
    "like like" :)
    • Mmm...
      Like counter!
      Dear Tara has 128 Likes. Actually the number of Like shows the presence and activity of each one in EC .
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