Dear friends,

I really want to continue learning English and I think all of us have the same will, so I invite you my dear friends to continue with the study group

I know

All of us have limited time

All of us are learner not teacher

All of us need to get use from EC

So here is the study group idea, if you like it join and reply

Firstly, we will work together to improve our listening, reading and writing skills (for speaking we can arrange meeting for males and females as u like).

Secondly, we need only to dedicate only 3 hours per week for the study group

How will this group work?

Each week,

1- We will agree on a topic to write in

Then each of the group members will read and review the other writing and correct or give hints

2- We will agree on a movie to watch without subtitles

Each of us will write a review of the major idea of the movie to discuss

3- We will agree on a short story, novel, short book, news paper article to read

Each of us will write a summary and exchange it


I hope you like the idea start

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  •  Dear Mariam,

    OK! thanks!!

    Good Luck!


  • Dear Mariam,

    No!!!No!!! I am not a person living in such a thinking pool. I just mentioned it as a general fact!!! I really appreciated you not because of my name at that place. I don’t worry about “my place” even in my general life, but I am always active and work hard irrespective of “my place”. I am a simple man!!!

    Good Luck!


  • Dear Mariam,

    Your role here is greatly appreciated! You follow different strategies to encourage us to be kept active within the group. Yes, excellent!! A good leadership!!!

    Good Luck!


  • Dear Mariam,

    Yes, really, it is a good idea! In my case, I really want someone to evaluate my essays/writings with suggestions including grammatical corrections because I then can easily improve my writing style plus skill. I think that everybody expects the same because we all do gather here on that purpose.

    Good Luck!


  • Dear Mariam,

    I am very happy that you are very keen on group activities! Really, it is a good sign as far as the future of this group is concerned. I think we met “Spirit” in the animated film, but we now have “another spirit” for this group!  

    Good Luck!


  • Great job dear Mariam!

    Wish our group keep moving up always! :)

  • Thank you, Mariam...

    I didn't know that posting a comment should be in a form that looks like what you are doing,so excuse me.

    Yes , I meant to criticize and praise the story,also if there something that need to be understood may be we can share it in order to be enlightened altogether.

    Another yes, I have enjoyed reading that short story very much,but I found a lot of vocabs that I don't know anything about, the thing that made me so suspicious about my English level. I was opening my Dictionary all the time. Is it a good or a bad sign?

    thank you for your attention Mariam

    Good Bye

  • I have read the necklace short story , I'd like to propose that we not just write a summery of the story but we can also say our comments

  • A GOOD IDEA!!!

    My congratulations!!!!

    I really want to work with you, my friends, to improve my knowledge in English because I am not shy to learn from anybody! Even from a small kid!

    Good Luck!


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