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Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu

The Five Vowels

is the first vowel we will say.

/ă/ is the short-vowel sound of a.

E is the next vowel, don't you see?

/ĕ/ is the short-vowel sound of e.

is the third vowel that goes by.

/ĭ/ is the short-vowel sound of i.

is the fourth vowel that I know.

/ŏ/ is the short-vowel sound of o.

U is the fifth vowel; that is true.

/ŭ/ is the short-vowel sound of u.

Short-Vowel Sounds

/ă/ apple

/ĕ/ elephant

/ĭ/ igloo

/ŏ/ octopus

/ŭ/ umbrella

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  • Oh Bianca, your /ă/ sound is fine.  I was referring to /ŭ/ and you managed to correct it in your recording.

    AReality, I wonder what's wrong? Maybe I should upload my recordings in another format.  Thank you for your patience and for coming here.

  • Thank you Ohnie:) i will work on the sound a...

  • Bianca (^,^)

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