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This Group Is Dedicated To All People Who Are Skypers And Would Like To Exchange Skype IDs For Improving Their English.

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  • ok

  • Is Anyone Interested for English speaking partner?? I need to improve my speaking so help me guys!!!

  • hi

  • Let's practise English.
    Please join us on ours Skype group.

    We will be happy to see you all soon.. :)

  • trapl 10

  • "Hi~ thank you for your inviting. My name is Jeong Hojin. My skype id is jjeonghj1@*****. I want to attend at the group and I would like to improvement my english abilities."

  • Hi, I am also interested. My skype ID hamza808577. Please join me.

  • Hi, 

    My name is Abdel Kader, i am from Algeria, i want improve my englinsh chatting. i am just bigener. So, you can add me : kadertop

  • My nickname is Keng. (You can call me " Keng") I"m 29 years old.I come from thailand. I live in The Nakorn Phonom province. I am Teacher. I teach about The Buddhism. I want to know you and i want to practise my english skill. Can we be friends together? Please my id skype : "kenge2018

  • I am planning to appear in IELTS test in a month. Hence, I am looking for a native from UK ( or fluent)who can accompany  me  on Saturday and Sunday for my practice 

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