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This Group Is Dedicated To All People Who Are Skypers And Would Like To Exchange Skype IDs For Improving Their English.

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  • Hi,everyone.I am an English learner from China.I study Business English in BLCU(Beijing Language and Culture University)now.Anyone who want to have a chat with me can add my skype.

  • add my skype and leave a message that your from this site, and lets talk


  • Hello,is there anybody wanna chat through skype 

  • really am in need to someone share English with my though Skype my Skype name : sdsakm

  • Add me if you want to practice English over Skype. my id is kader.mkt17.du

  • I am an English teacher and I m teaching English for many years. I am teaching English as A foreign language.A language without activating the four skills is nothing. Please join me on skype to improve our English. My skype id is " Quran114_teacher" 

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  • Hello all, I'm a native English speaker with a degree in teaching.  I'm willing to chat and help with speaking and writing English.  Skype id bleakaugust.

  • Great warming for everyperson here,iwould be glad when I FIND any friend from any country have the same ambition to improve his or her skill in spoken by practice conversation in all topics in culture,or politic or literature,science,religion,my skype id:sadeq.alodini1

  • "Hello everybody, I would like to improve my english on Skype. My level is intermediate-upper intermediate. My skype ID rtrillo84  "

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