Do You Use Skype? Skype is a Great Service for Voice or Video Calling. You Can Use Skype to Practise Speaking with other English Learners (and Teachers).

The Only Difficult Part is Finding a Partner!?

It's Never been Easier to Find a Suitable English Partner for Free! myEnglishClub has just made it Easier for You to Find other English Learners (and Teachers) on Skype. First Set Up Your Skype Account. Then Follow These Easy Steps and Get Talking!

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What to talk about on Skype?

You can Use Skype to Chat Informally (Get to Know Each other) or Practise Specific English Skills (i.e. Practise Asking and Answering Questions in a Certain Tense). Here is a List of Resources you can Use to Spark a Skype Discussion:

Thank You for Your Attention.

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  • Hello dear friends :) I m not a native speaker but ı can help you to improve your English. We may practice together. My skype id: live:cemmozen
  • Hello to all I am Yash from India and I want to improve my english speaking skills . Join my skype :
  • Hi all friends I'm Sayed Parwiz from Afghanistan and i want to learn Englsih add me to group my ID is live:.cid.d8b73426e7555c7a
  • As a non-native-speaker, now I live in California and use English in my daily life. Join me on
  • Hi everyone! I am Nikhil from India. I need to learn English fluently as I am applying to US universities for admission. I read, write and listen English fluently but I have never tested my speaking skills as I never got chance or need to do so. But I, now, need to, so will you please help me? This is my Skype ID:- "live:nikhilsharma2017_1". Add me to the group!
  • Hello, my name is Teymoor, I'd like to improve my English skills, my Skype is live:.cid.cee2e97b8f94e15a
  • Hi,
    My name is Abdel Kader, i am from Algeria, i want to improve my english speaking. my id are:
    skype is: kadertop
    whatsapp: 213662420076
    don't forget, call me.
  • I want to improve my English speaking,
    My skype ID live:.cid.7b5c287dec087732
  • Greeting to all EC members .. I want to practice & improve my English. I am almost in pre-intermediate level . If someone wish to practice with me, so be my friend in skype :) ID mahmoud.sabry85
  • hi, it's me, Qasim, from Pakistan, I want to practice speaking module so anyone wants to practice with me contact with me on my skype ID as well as whats app,
    Skype ID#
    Whats App#+923354420475
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