Hi, my dear friends! Another year is coming to the end and, perhaps, we all recall what we have or haven't done till the moment. But, independently on our achievements  or losses in the current year, we always hope for the next one to be better and may it be so for all the world and for each of us! In my country as well as in Europe this time is called the Christmas season, time of miracles, magic, goodness and love. On the other hand, it is time for great shopping and a lot of fun. Living in the tropical zone for so many years I miss snowy Christmas so badly! Here we may meet New Year on the beach and it is so funny to decorate a Christmas tree wearing shorts or bathing suits! But it is the best time of the year and everybody follows the traditions charging us with positive enegry for the rest of the year. So, to make a long story short, I'd like to share with you the best American Christmas songs for you all to feel the Christmas spirit of goodness and love, for you not to feel alone whatever happens, for you to dream, to hope, to feel inspiration, excitement living your lives and making some miracles for those who are close and dear, at least from time to time!

The first song is the traditional carols. I don't think you will like it, but if we speak about traditions, I will add it:


The next one is a kind of modern carols performing by Extreme hard rock band popular in 80's-90's. As for me, it is one of the best carols I have ever heard:


Here is one more very popular song you can hear in many movies including "The Lethal Weapon" starring by Mel Gibson. It is sung by Randy Travis, one of the most famous and best American country singers:


Here is one more country song by George Strait:


And, at last, I'd like to add one of the songs of my childhood, "Let it snow" by Dean Martin:


I wish you all very Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year! May the spirit of goodness and love stay with us, keep warm and safe. Be happy and lucky, my dear friends!

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  • Dear Elen! You spoil me with your compliments, but I am accepting them today (BIG SMILE!). I am non-religious and for me Christmas is time of great memories and a lot of fun on the vacation. But what I said at the beginning of this discussion is what I always think about: peace and love for everyone, no wars, no discrimination, no religion conflicts, it is how I feel. First, I wanted to post some other songs for people not to forget about some horrible and unforgivable actions they did. First off, I mean John Lennon's Xmas video, but I decided not to do it. Xmas is a happy holiday and let it be so! Thank you for being so  thoughtful and not indifferent! Merry Christmas, dear!

  • Danny, firstly, what a nice speech is this, i liked it much. Secondly, why do you think we will not like the first song? It is a classical song of Christmas and so nice. And the other songs are also nice. I knew all except the "Christmas time again - Extreme". Thank you for putting as in the spirit of Christmas with this songs and sorry for my delay to listen to them! Wishes back!

  • I wish you and your family, your lovely wife and your beautiful daughter good luck and happiness in everything you do. Modaway,you are one of the greatest people I have ever met on my lifeway! Thanks for being my friend!

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  • Hi, my friend! What a great collection! Thanks a lot! We will sure achieve our goals if we make our best to succeed! Be happy!

  • Great songs, darling! Most of all, I like Extreme and Randy Travis. It is the true spirit of Christmas! Thanks a lot!

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