Mrs Jones did not have a husband ,but she had tow sons .They were

big ,strong boys ,but they were lazy .On saturdays they did not go to

school ,and then thire mother always said ,"please cut the grass in the

garden this afternoon ,boys ."the boys did not like it ,but they always

did it .

Then somebody gave one of the boys a magazine ,and he saw a picture

of a beautiful lawn -mower in it . ther was a seat on it ,and there was

a woman on the seat .

The boy took the picture to his mother and brother and said to them , '

'look , that woman 's sitting on the lawn-mower and driving it and cutting

the grass .We want one of those .'

'One of tose lawn-mowers?' his mother asked.

"No"the boy said .we want one of those woman . Then she can cut the

grass every week .


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  • hahahahahahahah , thank you very much i loved the story ..
  • nice story AZAM ,i can guess why Reza likes it !!
    thank you for sharing dear sister.
  • ohhhh great story!!!
    I like it.
    I was laughing when i read it.
    I am waiting for the next.
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