I wrote "Dreams" last year,on April more or less. It was school's homework about the generic subject "The house that you [would] imagine" but I'd prefer to change a little the meaning and not talk about the inner space. Hope you like it.







Look at that land, that green land with tall trees near the mountain. Can you see the stream among the rocks? It goes to a lake which has a crag in its centre as an island surrounded by bamboos and spots of lawn, all in twilit. Beside the lake you could walk in a path that brings you to those slopes which are shining under the sunlight.

Can you see that dark green spot behind the slopes? There you could see the tallest trees in the area, they are deciduous trees making a high dome over smaller fruit trees. On the ground you can find mint, camomile,..., smell the rich scent of roses and the heavy scent of the lilac.

If you don't lose the path you will arrive at a place where hens and horses are running freely, there you can find some bicycles inside a small shack. If you ride on the way among the fields of barley and wheat you'll arrive to a detached house hidden with oaks, ginkgoes and other old trees. If you saw it you couldn't find any neighbour nearby. There lives a family with a couple of cats.

They like hand made works.The ground floor of the house is an airy space where they make paintings, sculptures, furnitures and all that you want to make with your hands, but walls are empty at all. Round the second floor the house has a glass corridor, protected by shutters, facing the trees, the slopes and the sky.

Because they are friendly people they always have a couple of coffee cups for a friend. Although they are pleasant people they don't talk our language so if we are not able to speak their idiom we won't go to drink a coffee there, will we?


The friend who was hearing the description with unseeing eyes could only see the derelict landscape, the burnt and dry soil, the stunted bushes, the forgotten wheels, plastics, papers and powder blown by the wind.

  – Alright Sir, take care, here we have the stairs, mind the first step. Alright, well done, here is your nurse's hand. I'm going to work, I'll come back this afternoon at seven, will you be ready to go at seven?

  – Yes, yes, of course he will, the nurse said while she was walking together with the man who was beating the stone floor with his white stick for blind.



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