TED Talk, Short Talk

Photo from: http://www.ted.com/


Collection of TED Talks we've shared. This helps to check each video easily.

Sarah Jones: What does the future hold? 11 characters offer quirky answers shared by Aariz

Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome shared by Grace

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are shared by Aariz

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • Glad to know you found it useful, Zivar ! :)

      Join us whenever you are ready to give it a try of your voice recording. See you soon! 

  • Thank you for the nice words! I'll try to practice more to improve my speaking.

    The way you presented below is also good for us to imitate. Ta! :)

    • It’s my pleasure, Zivar! Hope to hear other recordings from you when you are available. You can also share which TED TALK you are fond of with us if you like. See you around! :)

  • WOW, your recording is so powerful and convincibe, and your speaking is really fluent! I even couldn't wait to try making that high-power pose, and it seems that it brought me some positive energy after the pose was done. What I've learned from this talk is that our belief (our thought) dominates us. So, trust and support ourselves of what we're doing is important for the outcomes. Indeed, it's a informative and interesting talk! Did you also try it, Aariz? 

    Yes, just feel free to talk whatever the topics interest us. Your points above are both good to try next time. Thanks a lot for coming up with these. :O 

  • Thanks a lot for the great support all the time.

    Yes, it’s not like a homework but a learning hobby, so participate in the activity only when we are available. Hope you have a nice week ahead.

  • Fantastic! She is the best solo performers I have ever seen. It seems that you could find a variety of souls living in her body. She almost caught the point of how to imitate each vividly, and made her speech one-of-a-kind. Thank you for sharing, Aariz!

    As for recording, it doesn't matter if you haven't come up with an idea of how to use it at the moment. I was wondering if we could make a summary of the talk in our own words after absorbing it, or share which parts or sentences of the talk invigorate us the most, for example. Anyway, try making our learning an joyful journey no matter how we use them, doesn't it?

  • Hello Aariz,

    Glad to know you also found TED Talks practical. Yes, if we try using it, I believe we always could learn something new from there even though our English may not get a significant improvement in a short time. The talk itself could expand our horizons. :)

    I appreciate to have your ardent support in the group. Learning with you all is pleasurable.^^

  • Interesting link and so useful! Thank you Grace for sharing it with your voice recording! I really admire your English and your enthusiasm to improve your speaking skills. Keep it up !

    • Hello teacher Hala,

      Your presence has invigorated me a lot. I'll try to keep practicing, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you! :)

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