• About my self I like both of them
  • I would pick a dog because they are wise,kind and friendy.I don't like cats.can't say why but every time when I see a cat it seems to me that it is a devil,there is something horrible in their eyes.

    • There is a saying in our language Malayalam about dogs that means

      "barking dogs do not bite."

      I  like both dogs and cats. Both are affectionate and cute. 

  • Thank you for analyzing about cat and dog, AReality! Your last sentence reminds me of one of our Chinese proverbs saying The dogs barks but doesn't bite. In general, dogs can bark and bite, only the saying is a metaphor of describing a person who might blame you seriously for something, but he/she wouldn't hurt you on the sly.

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    • Good job, Zivar! You did it. Finally, we can hear recordings from you! Your English is impressive and fluent! Did you have dogs before? Dogs are indeed smart and sweet. No wonder they are considered human being's best friend.  Having a dog or other pets would also help to release pressure for us. Thanks for joining and hope to hear another topics from you soon!

  • Any specific reason you prefer cat, AReality? 

  • Dimas, you are not alone. You were bit by dog. I was chased by dog long time ago. :( I still remember I carried some little stones with me in order to let them go if they wanted to bite me. :P  This kind of experience is not fun, indeed. Yet, they are still lovely creatures as not all of them would hurt us.

    So sad to hear your cats were killed by their father. What's up? 

  • Well. I love both! Both are excellent pets, them are very intelligent , lovely, charming animals.
    But I will choose to dogs, because with them I can play outside and inside of my house and them can do lots of tricks.
    Actually, I love to go running in the park with them, and I also love to hike with them. And I think, sometimes, my dogs enjoy the mountains more than me, lol.      :)

    • Lucky you, Lucy. You and your dogs can play and exercise together. I believe you won't diminish your passion for outdoor sports because you have them. It seems they(dogs or cats) like nature more than human being. My cat also enjoys green plants. Each time when he stays in the balcony where I display some plants, he love spending much time there for sunbathing or meditation. :D

    • It is so cute!!      :)

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