• Thank you dear Grace for sharing! It's a very beneficial tool to learn and memorize new words. I will create an account there ,too :) . I'm really interested in all the useful activities in this group and I will do my best to be active here during my summer vacation! Keep it up Grace! 

       Best wishes !

    • You're welcome, dear teacher Hala. Please don't let us wait too long. Hope you have a wonderful summer vacation in advance and join us as soon as you're available. Thank you a lot for the encouragement. :D

  • Bravo! That's great to see your account.

    Indeed, it's easy for us to check and add words whenever or wherever we are. The most important thing is that playing match games is a must, which is really essential and helpful to memorize words easily. Perhaps, our flashcards there would become a small dictionary if we keep learning words from Word of the Day or other articles.  Good on us! :)

  • My pleasure, AReality! I'm glad you found it useful and also have an account. Let's collect and learn new words together with this fun way! :)

  • OMG! How you know, I'm looking for flash card on net now a day.

    Thanks for sharing wonderful site with us.

    • It's my pleasure, Asif! Believe it or not, it's my sixth sense that told me. :D

      Hope to see you in Word of the Day to learn words with us. ^^

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