Sometimes you need someone who can give you advice or simply listen to you, but you find noone. You think things get worse and worse. That is the reason why I created this group. In "Share to be shared" Group, you can share everything you want... what your day was, your happiness or sadness, ask for advice or share funny stories/ pictures ... everything !!! Hope that by sharing together we will have a good time and overcome all bad things :) 

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  • Dear Rose,

    Thanks for your nice words to me :) I have just moved to another state with my parents. Now we're living with my aunt's family. We are still looking for jobs right now, but I think everything will be ok soon :) I wish you a happy new year and all the good things will come to you Rose :) 

  • hi my friend, smily rose.I read your realy sorry for ur condition,but u must know that allways the first step is the most difficult be happy and dont worry about ur problems,im sure u can pass all of that problem,pleas tell me about your new experience in a forign country.

    God bless u


  • Over 1 month since the day I created this group but I haven't posted any topic. I had to spend time to prepare for one of the most important event in my life- moving to the US - that is the reason why I didn't visit our page very often.

    And now I'm here in the US with my parents for 5 days. It's a big difference in the comparison with Vietnam, my country. It's purer, a bit colder, cleaner ... After 2 days to relax, I went to my cousin's nail salon to work. This is the first time I leave my parents to live in a boarding house. I feel a little bit worried but now everything seems to be alright. Before coming here, I think I will do nails in a short term; then I will continue to study in medical assistant or another major. However, my cousin said to me that doing nails is better, the good way to get rich in a short time ... Other thing is that the native people don't really appreciate foreigner especially Asian to work in a high position ... I need money to support my parents and to catch my dreams but I don't like doing nails much :(

    I know this is only my personal problem and I have to solve it by myself, but I feel really hard to think :( and need to share ... Hope to get some advice from all of you. Thanks a lot


    (P/S: Please correct my mistakes if any. Thanks)


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