Even though this group is created by me, but in actual fact it is a concerted effort and discussions between Sima, WMW and myself.

Readers' Corner is a group for any EC Members who loves to read; be it a book, an e-book or articles. This group is for sharing information, views and latest news on any English book(s) that members just read or are interested to read. Members need to write a simple synopsis on the books that they have read or recommend that other members should read. 

We like members to be active, thus giving opinions and recommendations are encouraged. Please do not worry about your English, even gibberish is welcome in here.

In order to encourage members to read and write the review, there are a few house rules that Members need to observe. Please note these house rules are not meant to discourage Members from participating, but rather to maintain the harmony of this group.

1. Be polite. 

2. Be respectful. Respect is earned, not given. 

3, Be active. Even a simple sentence such as "Nice review" is appreciated. Be active in any discussion posted by Members.

4. Make it KISS. Keep it Simple and Sweet. We do not want the review to be longer than the material itself. LOL.

Finally, we welcome you to Readers' Corner.

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  • The links were provided nothing was working very well, already expired 😑 or the users deleted their accounts and didn't work any longer 🤔
    • My links should work but maybe you were referring to others
  • i think the content of this group is quite empty, no body talks initiated to start a topic
    • so start one :)
  • hello everyone..I'm at English beginner level.Which books would you recommed to me.. Thanks in advance..
  • Hela everyone i feel like everyone quarantine their mobiles so silent group
    • Hello.You may try to break the silence.To write something interesting for example.
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  • I'm so glad I'm here. We can share our reading likes and dislikes.
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In Search of a Good Book - Various Book Lists I use

In Search of a Good Book - Book ListsI'm an avid reader and in times past I would often just select a book randomly to read.  I still do but I also am making a concerted effort to read books that others have read and found to be excellent.  Here are some of the book lists you can use to find a good book:  For learners of English as a second langauge, the Newbery Award books are an excellent choice once you are past basic English.  I love to read Newbery Award Books and my English level is…

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Dear John by Nicholas Spark

The book was written by Nicholas Spark  who also known as a romantic writer. His genre on writing is fiction. Dear John is a love story about an army sergeant who falls in love shortly before 9/11. What I like with the story is that it shows the reality of life, not all love story ends with a happy ending sometimes you only need to do is to accept that everything has changed, to move on and be contented with what you have. I think this book will help those people, who are still in pain of…

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kew Gardens by virgina woolf

Hi everyone,This time I came up with a short story by a greatest writer.The story is KEW GARDENS which is in fact the name of garden.It was written by virgina woolf.It is a depiction of the visitors of the garden;like two elderly women who gossip meaninglessly without listening to each other.I HOPE YOU ENJOY ITimages-239.jpeg

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