• I am reading the first chapter. Even his dedication and acknowledgement were hilarious. LOL

  • OMG this book is so funny LOL LOL hahah

    I’d like to point out that all of the facts and allegations and medical science spoken about in this book have all been thoroughly researched. By me and my staff. Which means—just me. I didn’t make
    footnotes and I’m not listing any evidence. That shit just takes way too long. You wanna find out if what I say is true IS actually true? Google it. That’s what I did. The things I didn’t bother to Google? They
    happened to me firsthand. Good luck and good reading.
    Dr. Leary

    • OHMY! So you managed to open the link, Sima? Sounds really a good book. LOL

  • sound interesting.. would you mind email it to me.. lol   i dont have a laptop to read it (^_^)?

  • I wanna open the link but I cant why I am so lucky :/

    • OOOO .. sorry to hear that. It's a pdf file. 

  • Sevil,

    I'm yet to read it too. Please tell me about it once you have read it. :)

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