HARD TIMES by charles Dickens

I read this novel the last month.It was published in 3 books because of the expensive of publishing during that time ,later it was collected into one book.The three books are SOWING,REAPING,and GARNERING.But fortunetly ,they arenot about agriculture .It is about a ma who raise his children the way of fact and to prevent the way of emotion and feeling .It is an amazing novel ,and you donnot have to read the whole novel.If anyone needs to learn more ,ask me.



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  • That's interesting Amal. I didn't remember about it being written in three volumes.

    What would you say the book is about in your own words, if you had to tell us in five sentences?

    Thank you for sharing,
    • Hi Mr.Bob

      As I read it was published in three volumes and then in a one book.The whole novel is about industrialization and its effect on people espically the lower class.It is about a man who believe in
      factand no way for emotion and feeling.The father is GRADGRIND who teach the children in his school the same as he teaches his children.Every book has many chapters ;every chapter is about one of the characters .At the end ,the result of GRDGRIND's upbringing,his son becomes hedonestic and loves money than his family ,and his daughter louisa becomes unable to contact with other people.

      Mr Bob Iam sorry I wrote more than you need ,but I have more and more about this novel.
  • I will find it in pdf :D 

    thanks for sharing :)

  • Could you pls put the link here :D the link of downloading free in pdf :D 


    • Hi sima
      I did not read it online .I bought the book from a library in Amman(my city)
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