Oh please do not get me wrong , I did not mean that :D

Oh let me explain for you . See ! you are judging so soon :))))

Can I explain ?

Ok, thanks for permission :*

I have read a book in Persian that if you wanna translate its name to English it will be  fatuity or silliness . I wanted to find English version of it .I translated the name in English but I did not find :O I searched the name of writer and (OH MY HOLLY COW) The name of the book is assholism and in Iran for getting permission for nourishing the book , they have translated like this :D

You know I am reading this book in persian but that is not bad to proposal you to read it . This book is about the people who annoy other people with the behavior . the people who wanna take their wills by ordering others by bad act (OMG I cant explain :'() by underestimate other people and by ignoring them .by give them order . The writer says that these people are sick of an illness named Assholism.

I am reading this book because till you have not read it you do not figure out that you have this illness too I mean assholism . He is writing this book in funny way I mean he used to sens of humor that is why all ill people do not get angry when he call them asshol :D

So start reading it you will change and enjoy :D

Unfortunately I did not find a link for downloading free .hope you can find . Pls share here  if you find one. :*

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