A Reason To Rain - Donna M. Young

This is a story of a young mother of two. Her husband left her and she barely make ends meets. When her husband called for her and asked her to come back to Vegas, she thought that her husband finally wanted them to be real family. But the reality is not so. 

She had to endure another round of abuse. When she found herself in another desperate situation with no job, she decided to be a prostitute. However, on her first day, she found herself unable to follow through, and was left in a desolate road.

I won't tell you guys anymore because otherwise I would tell you the whole story.

This is a very touching short story. I hope you guys will read the book. Enjoy!

Click this link to read the story.

Or click this link either to read it or to download it.

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  • Sevil, sometimes a woman is too soft hearted and believed that a man deserved a second chance. Maybe she liked to see only the good sides of people.

  • This was so sad and left me thinking of sad thoughts. Who should we feel sorry for and who should we feel happy for? Maybe the mother will come out OK in the end if she finds a decent job and a good husband. Maybe the baby was lucky to die quietly and peacefully if the mother doesn't get away from her bad husband. I've never known a woman to end up better off by going back to an abusive wife beater. Too many times they are killed or their children are.
    • You are right Mr. Bob. Though I never personally knew any woman who is in an abusive relationship, but I've read and heard enough to know that abusive relationship is a vicious cycle. The sad part is that it can be repeated by the next generation.

  • An overwhelming, tremendous, devastating...grief throughout her life, maybe it's difficult to use words to express fully what she has experienced, an innocent little angel just left her forever. But at the end of the story, we can see a ray of light just sparking and warming up her painful and desperate heart to find a purpose stepping forward. Every person who walks into our life is a teacher, even they drive us nuts. Her degenerate husband taught her an dread lesson and it surely makes her stronger and grittier in the long and hard road ahead. Hopefully, she can overcome difficulties and bring up her elder son as her expectation. 

    Thanks for sharing, Noasssss. 

    • Vieettt ... as you said, a 'dreadful lesson', of which she should not endure at all. But I guess it made her stronger.

  • I cant read them Noas the first link I cant download and the last link I cant go to another page I trapped in page 2  what is wrong 8-(

    • Can you see the arrow button on the right hand side? Click on that arrow button.

    • Noas arrow button does not work for me , I do not know why :/

  • Oh No I opened it :D the problem has been solved ....

    Noas do you think that is correct to use has been solved ?

    • Sima, I think it's correct. LOL. I am bad in Grammar.

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