• Hi Ruzan,
    I see what you mean we all like to be remembered and especially with our good deeds.All my wishes for you to be unforgetable.
  • Hi Kamel,
    I'm really glad for this topic.I know that there will be time after me when people around me will be remember me as a mother,teacher,neighbor,friend,aunt or just a simple person.But, I know that the great thing is when you could be remembered by your great doings,because it's FOREVER!
  • Hi Pham,
    I like this way of saying things in brief.thanks and all my wishes for you to be remembered always.Have a nice time.
  • To be remembered <----- Heartfelt - Penetration - Sharing - Caring
  • Hi Toni,
    Thanks for your kindness.Don't say that .It's a great greeting.Have a great day.
  • hi kamel

    sorry i seemed to be impolite. i did not greet u and also did not leave my name at the end of the reply. i'm so sorry. because in my country, people do not communicate in this way. we just say something to express our opinoin and ...yeah, that's all. but later i noticed that in here, people usually greet with the poster and left their name. i'm new. so please excuse me. and also my english is not very good

  • happy face and hopeful look
  • Hi Mohammed,
    I wish her a long life.Have a great day.

    MohammadSoroushPour said:
    Hi Kamel!!
    i had a grandma!!
    i loved her!!!
    i loved remember my grandpa!!
  • Hi Sara,
    I wish you'll achieve what do you want.Have a great day.

    sara bennani said:
    hi kamel ,
    I would like to be remembered as a good and a nice person , a person who fears God and loved everybody, who tried her best to accomplish her dreams
    thanks for this nice question
  • Hi Kamel!!
    i had a grandma!!
    i loved her!!!
    i loved remember my grandpa!!
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